Translations related to Marcel Stimberg

Last translation activity by Marcel Stimberg was on 2012-02-06.


These are the translations that Marcel Stimberg last worked on:

2012-02-06 RabbitVCS v0.12 series
2011-02-04 AptUrlRedirector 1.0 series
2010-03-12 Getting Things GNOME! trunk series
2010-01-23 gnupg source package in Karmic
2009-12-04 Getting Things GNOME! 0.2 series
2009-12-04 Getting Things GNOME! 0.3 series
2009-03-19 RabbitVCS v0.11 series
2009-03-19 RabbitVCS v0.13 series
2006-03-19 bison source package in Lucid
2006-03-19 bison source package in Dapper