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Translated by J. on 2009-08-22
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:495(title)
Groups define a collection of computers or users which have a common level of access to particular network resources and offer a level of granularity in controlling access to such resources. For example, if a group <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> is defined and contains the users <emphasis role="italic">freda</emphasis>, <emphasis role="italic">danika</emphasis>, and <emphasis role="italic">rob</emphasis> and a second group <emphasis role="italic">support</emphasis> is defined and consists of users <emphasis role="italic">danika</emphasis>, <emphasis role="italic">jeremy</emphasis>, and <emphasis role="italic">vincent</emphasis> then certain network resources configured to allow access by the <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> group will subsequently enable access by freda, danika, and rob, but not jeremy or vincent. Since the user <emphasis role="italic">danika</emphasis> belongs to both the <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> and <emphasis role="italic">support</emphasis> groups, she will be able to access resources configured for access by both groups, whereas all other users will have only access to resources explicitly allowing the group they are part of.
Els grups defineixen un conjunt d'ordinadors o usuaris que tenen un nivell d'accés equivalent a recursos concrets de la xarxa i ofereix un nivell de granularitat en controlar l'accés a aquest recursos. Per exemple si es defineix un grup anomenat<emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis>, els usuaris del qual són <emphasis role="italic">marta</emphasis>, <emphasis role="italic">laura</emphasis> i <emphasis role="italic">jordi</emphasis> i es defineix un segon grup anomenat<emphasis role="italic">manteniment</emphasis> amb els usuaris <emphasis role="italic">laura</emphasis>, <emphasis role="italic">pere</emphasis> i <emphasis role="italic">vicent</emphasis> llavors alguns recursos de la xarxa configurats per permetre l'accés al grup <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> només seran accessibles per a la marta, la laura i en jordi però no per a en pere o en vicent. Atès que l'usuària <emphasis role="italic">laura</emphasis> pertany a ambdós grups <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> i <emphasis role="italic">manteniment</emphasis> podrà accedir als recursos configurats pels dos grups, mentre que la resta d'usuaris només podran accedir als recursos autoritzats explícitament al grup al qual pertanyen.
Translated by David Planella on 2009-07-23
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:497(para)
By default Samba looks for the local system groups defined in <filename>/etc/group</filename> to determine which users belong to which groups. For more information on adding and removing users from groups see <xref linkend="adding-deleting-users"/>.
De manera predeterminada, el Samba cerca al sistema local grups definits al fitxer <filename>/etc/group</filename> per a determinar quins usuaris pertanyen a quin grup. Per més informació sobre com afegir i suprimir usuaris d'un grup vegeu <xref linkend="adding-deleting-users"/>.
Translated by David Planella on 2009-07-23
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:511(para)
When defining groups in the Samba configuration file, <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename>, the recognized syntax is to preface the group name with an "@" symbol. For example, if you wished to define a group named <emphasis role="italic">sysadmin</emphasis> in a certain section of the <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename>, you would do so by entering the group name as <emphasis role="bold">@sysadmin</emphasis>.
Si es vol definir un grup en el fitxer de configuració del Samba, <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> empreu la sintaxi correcta tot posant "@" davant del nom del grup. Per exemple, si voleu definir un grup anomenat <emphasis role="italic">sysadmin</emphasis> en un apartat concret del fitxer <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> heu d'introduir el nom del grup de la manera següent: <emphasis role="bold">@sysadmin</emphasis>.
Translated by anna marti on 2009-07-24
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:517(para)
File Permissions
Permisos de fitxer
Translated and reviewed by David Planella on 2007-12-10
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:526(title)
File Permissions define the explicit rights a computer or user has to a particular directory, file, or set of files. Such permissions may be defined by editing the <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> file and specifying the explicit permissions of a defined file share.
Els permisos de fitxers defineixen els drets explícits que un ordinador o un usuari tenen sobre un directori, fitxer o conjunt de fitxers concrets. Aquests permisos es poden definir editant el fitxer <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename>. En aquest fitxer es poden especificar els permisos explícits d'un fitxer compartit.
Translated by David Planella on 2009-07-23
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:528(para)
For example, if you have defined a Samba share called <emphasis>share</emphasis> and wish to give <emphasis role="italic">read-only</emphasis> permissions to the group of users known as <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis>, but wanted to allow writing to the share by the group called <emphasis role="italic">sysadmin</emphasis> and the user named <emphasis role="italic">vincent</emphasis>, then you could edit the <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> file, and add the following entries under the <emphasis>[share]</emphasis> entry:
Per exemple, si heu definit una carpeta compartida del Samba anomenada <emphasis>share</emphasis> i desitgeu donar permisos <emphasis role="italic">només de lectura</emphasis> al grup d'usuaris anomenat <emphasis role="italic">qa</emphasis> però voleu permetre'n l'escriptura al grup anomenat <emphasis role="italic">sysadmin</emphasis> i a l'usuari <emphasis role="italic">vicent</emphasis>, podeu editar el fitxer <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> i afegir-hi les següents entrades sota <emphasis>[share]</emphasis>
Translated by anna marti on 2009-07-24
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:534(para)

read list = @qa
write list = @sysadmin, vincent
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read list = @qa
write list = @sysadmin, vincent
Translated and reviewed by David Planella on 2009-07-18
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:543(programlisting)
Another possible Samba permission is to declare <emphasis>administrative</emphasis> permissions to a particular shared resource. Users having administrative permissions may read, write, or modify any information contained in the resource the user has been given explicit administrative permissions to.
Una altra possibilitat d'atorgar permisos en el Samba es declarar permisos <emphasis>administratius</emphasis> a un recurs compartit concret. Els usuaris que tinguin permisos administratius poden llegir, escriure o modificar qualsevol informació inclosa en el recurs pel qual l'usuari hagi obtingut permisos administratius explícits.
Translated by David Planella on 2009-07-23
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:548(para)
For example, if you wanted to give the user <emphasis role="italic">melissa</emphasis> administrative permissions to the <emphasis role="italic">share</emphasis> example, you would edit the <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> file, and add the following line under the <emphasis>[share]</emphasis> entry:
Per exemple, si voleu atorgar permisos administratius a l'usuari <emphasis role="italic">anna</emphasis> en l'exemple <emphasis role="italic">share</emphasis> anterior, editeu el fitxer <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename> i afegiu-hi la línia següent sota el l'entrada <emphasis>[share]</emphasis>
Translated by David Planella on 2009-07-23
Reviewed by David Planella on 2009-10-01
Located in serverguide/C/windows-networking.xml:554(para)
8089 of 3379 results

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