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The Ubuntu operating system is translated in Launchpad by a community of volunteers organized in per-language translation teams.

This group contains all the teams appointed for the translation of Ubuntu.

If you want to translate Ubuntu into your language, please get in touch with the relevant team by clicking on one of the links below and reading the contact information on the team's page. If there isn't a team for your language yet, you can easily create one:

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Please read the translation instructions to learn about policies, recommendations and caveats for doing translations in this translation group.

Translation teams

Language Team/Supervisor Guidelines Appointed
Acehnese (ace) Ubuntu Acehnese Translator with 75 members 2010-09-15
Afar (aa) Ubuntu Afar Translators with 1 members 2009-10-01
Afrikaans (af) Ubuntu Afrikaans Translators with 78 members 2005-12-01
Akan (ak) Ubuntu Akan Translators with 7 members 2006-02-18
Albanian (sq) Ubuntu Albanian Translators with 121 members 2005-12-01
Amharic (am) Ubuntu Amharic Translation with 54 members 2006-05-29
Arabic (ar) Ubuntu Arabic Translators with 12 members 2006-06-19
Aragonese (an) Ubuntu en Aragonés with 7 members 2010-05-06
Armenian (hy) Ubuntu Armenian Translators with 31 members 2010-04-19
Assamese (as) Registry Administrators with 5 members 2006-09-12
Asturian (ast) Ubuntu Asturian Translators with 9 members 2005-08-25
Azerbaijani (az) Ubuntu Azerbaijani Translators with 28 members 2009-06-18
Bashkir (ba) Ubuntu bashkort with 2 members 2008-11-06
Basque (eu) Ubuntu Basque Translators with 11 members 2007-02-26
Belarusian (be) Ubuntu Belarusian Translators with 8 members 2005-08-24
Bemba (bem) Ubuntu Bemba Translation with 6 members 2011-05-17
Bengali (bn) Ubuntu Bengali Translators with 187 members 2006-03-05
Bikol (bik) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Bodo (brx) Bodo (Boro) Localization India with 14 members 2012-12-14
Bosnian (bs) Ubuntu Bosnia and Herzegovina translators with 122 members 2006-12-21
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators with 5 members 2005-06-03
Breton (br) Ubuntu Breton Translators with 30 members 2006-03-14
Bulgarian (bg) Ubuntu Bulgarian Translators with 44 members 2005-07-05
Burmese (my) Burmese Localization Team with 111 members 2008-10-22
Catalan (ca) Ubuntu Catalan Translators with 11 members 2005-06-03
Catalan (Valencian) (ca@valencia) Ubuntu Catalan Translators with 11 members 2010-12-17
Cebuano (ceb) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Central Sama (sml) Ubuntu Sinama Translators with 1 members 2009-07-07
Chechen (ce) Chechen Ubuntu Translators with 3 members 2014-07-14
Cherokee (chr) Ubuntu Cherokee Translators with 1 members 2010-10-29
Chewa; Chichewa; Nyanja (ny) Ubuntu Chichewa Translators with 5 members 2010-03-18
Chhattisgarhi (hne) Ubuntu Chhattisgarhi Translation Team with 1 members 2010-08-23
Chinese (Hong Kong) (zh_HK) Ubuntu Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) Translators with 7 members 2005-11-30
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) Ubuntu Simplified Chinese Translators with 20 members 2009-07-17
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW) Ubuntu Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Translators with 18 members 2005-11-30
Chuvash (cv) Ubuntu Chuvash Translators with 17 members 2007-09-17
Cornish (kw) Ubuntu Cornish Translators with 3 members 2012-03-30
Corsican (co) Ubuntu Corsican Translators with 10 members 2006-03-23
Crimean Turkish; Crimean Tatar (crh) Ubuntu Qırımtatarca (Qırım Türkçesi) Tercimanları with 1 members 2009-03-10
Croatian (hr) Ubuntu Croatian Translators with 12 members 2005-10-21
Czech (cs) Ubuntu Czech Translators with 5 members 2005-07-20
Danish (da) De danske oversættere af Ubuntu with 7 members 2005-06-03
Divehi (dv) Ubuntu Dhivehi Translators with 56 members 2006-09-18
Dutch (nl) Ubuntu Dutch Translators with 8 members 2005-06-07
Dzongkha (dz) Dzongkha Ubuntu Translators with 1 members 2006-08-17
English (Australia) (en_AU) Ubuntu English (Australia) Translators with 44 members 2006-06-19
English (Canada) (en_CA) Ubuntu English (Canada) Translation Team with 63 members 2006-07-19
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) Ubuntu English (United Kingdom) Translators with 100 members 2005-10-15
Esperanto (eo) Esperanto-skipo por la tradukado de Ubuntu-programaroj with 4 members 2006-03-31
Estonian (et) Ubuntu Estonian Translators with 20 members 2005-12-01
Ewe (ee) Ewe Translation Team with 6 members 2007-05-14
Faroese (fo) Faroese (fo) with 13 members 2011-12-15
Filipino (fil) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-19
Finnish (fi) Ubuntu Finnish Translators with 11 members 2005-06-03
Franco-Provençal (frp) Ubuntu Arpitan Translation with 2 members 2008-02-20
French (fr) Ubuntu French Translators with 10 members 2005-06-03
French (Canada) (fr_CA) Ubuntu French Canadian Translators with 34 members 2008-09-01
French, Middle (ca.1400-1600) (frm) Fransè (ortograf altèrnativ) with 1 members 2008-07-02
Frisian (fy) Ubuntu Fryske Oersetting with 3 members 2008-02-11
Friulian (fur) Ubuntu Friulian Translators with 9 members 2007-05-24
Fulah (ff) Ubuntu Fulah Translators with 1 members 2013-05-18
Gaelic; Scottish (gd) Sgioba Ubuntu na Gàidhlig with 2 members 2011-01-31
Galician (gl) Ubuntu Galician Translators with 9 members 2005-06-03
Ganda (lg) Ubuntu Ganda (lg) Translation Team with 2 members 2020-04-09
Georgian (ka) Ubuntu Georgian Translators with 11 members 2005-08-21
German (de) Ubuntu German Translators with 16 members 2005-06-03
Greek (el) Ubuntu Greek Translators with 13 members 2005-08-25
Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) (kl) Ubuntu Kalaallisut Translators with 9 members 2010-11-22
Gujarati (gu) Ubuntu Gujarati Translators (ubuntu-l10n-gu) with 37 members 2010-07-08
Haitian; Haitian Creole (ht) Haitian Creole (kreyòl Ayisyen) with 26 members 2007-12-10
Hebrew (he) Ubuntu Hebrew Translators with 2 members 2005-08-02
Hiligaynon (hil) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Hindi (hi) Ubuntu Hindi Translators (ubuntu-l10n-hi) with 243 members 2005-11-07
Hungarian (hu) Ubuntu Hungarian Translators with 16 members 2005-08-31
Icelandic (is) Íslenska UBUNTU þýðingarteymið - Icelandic Translators with 43 members 2010-01-07
Iloko (ilo) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Indonesian (id) Ubuntu Indonesian Translators with 41 members 2005-07-20
Interlingua (ia) Traductores a interlingua with 7 members 2015-04-23
Inuktitut (iu) Inuktitut Ubuntu translators with 4 members 2012-04-14
Irish (ga) Ubuntu Irish Translation Team with 40 members 2009-05-05
Italian (it) Traduttori Italiani del software di Ubuntu with 4 members 2005-06-04
Japanese (ja) Ubuntu Japanese Translators with 24 members 2005-12-01
Kabyle (kab) Ubuntu Kabyle Translators with 17 members 2020-01-24
Kannada (kn) Ubuntu Kannada Translators with 131 members 2007-04-18
Karbi (mjw) Ubuntu Karbi Translation Team with 1 members 2019-07-18
Kashubian (csb) Ubuntu Kashubian Translators with 3 members 2006-07-19
Kazakh (kk) Ubuntu Kazakh Translators with 8 members 2006-04-05
Khmer (km) Ubuntu Khmer Localization Team with 24 members 2010-05-19
Kirghiz (ky) Ubuntu Kyrgyz Translators with 14 members 2006-10-03
Korean (ko) Ubuntu Korean Translators with 23 members 2005-12-01
Kurdish (ku) Ubuntu Kurdish Translation Team with 11 members 2005-06-03
Kurdish, Central (ckb) Central Kurdish (Sorani) Team with 12 members 2007-05-22
Ladin (lld) ubuntu-l10n-lld with 2 members 2012-07-27
Lao (lo) ທີມງານເພື່ອພັດທະນາ ພາສາ ລາວ ອຸບັນຕູ / Ubuntu Lao Translators with 17 members 2006-07-13
Latgalian (ltg) Ubuntu Latgalian Translators with 2 members 2010-09-13
Latin (la) Decuria latinitatis with 12 members 2014-07-16
Latvian (lv) Ubuntu Latvian Translators with 11 members 2005-07-20
Limburgian (li) Limburgian translation team Ubuntu NL with 1 members 2013-04-11
Lingala (ln) Ubuntu Lingala Translators with 6 members 2016-03-24
Lithuanian (lt) Ubuntu Lithuanian Translators with 54 members 2005-10-04
Lojban (jbo) Ubuntu Lojban Translators with 33 members 2006-01-28
Low German (nds) Ubuntu Low German Translators with 1 members 2009-10-19
Luxembourgish (lb) Ubuntu Luxembourgish Translation Team with 21 members 2008-08-24
Macedonian (mk) Ubuntu Macedonian Translators with 16 members 2005-06-03
Malagasy (mg) Ubuntu Malagasy Translators with 14 members 2011-06-15
Malay (ms) Ubuntu Malay Translators with 109 members 2007-11-26
Malayalam (ml) Launchpad Malayalam Translators with 7 members 2010-01-12
Manx (gv) Ubuntu Manx translators with 6 members 2010-04-19
Maori (mi) Ubuntu Maori Translators with 12 members 2005-07-20
Mapudungun (arn) Ubuntu Mapudungun Translators with 11 members 2007-03-30
Marathi (mr) Ubuntu Marathi Translators (ubuntu-l10n-mr) with 97 members 2005-11-29
Mari (Meadow) (mhr) mhr_Team with 31 members 2011-09-28
Min Nan Chinese (nan) Ubuntu Bân-lâm-gú = Hō-ló-oē hoan-e̍k with 8 members 2007-12-11
Miskito (miq) Ubuntu Miskito Translators with 15 members 2007-10-04
Mon (mnw) Ubuntu Mon Translation with 34 members 2019-11-01
Mongolian (mn) Mongolian Localization Team with 4 members 2020-07-13
Moroccan Arabic (ary) Ubuntu moroccan darija translators with 4 members 2010-07-23
Nepali (ne) Ubuntu Nepali Language Localization Team(उबुन्टुका नेपाली भाषा समायोजकहरू) with 112 members 2008-08-22
Northern Sami (se) Ubuntu Northern Saami Translators with 6 members 2012-07-23
Norwegian Bokmal (nb) Ubuntu Norwegian Translators with 5 members 2005-06-03
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) Ubuntu Norwegian Translators with 5 members 2005-06-03
Occitan (post 1500) (oc) Ubuntu Occitan Translators with 10 members 2006-05-16
Ojibwe (oj) Ubuntu Ojibwe Translators with 2 members 2006-10-23
Oriya (or) Ubuntu Odia (Oriya) localization with 34 members 2011-10-01
Oromo (om) ubuntu Afan Oromo Translation with 3 members 2010-01-09
Ossetian (os) Ubuntu Ossetian Translators with 3 members 2011-05-19
Pampangan (pam) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Pangasinan (pag) Ubuntu Team Philippines with 566 members 2009-04-18
Papiamento (pap) Ubuntu Papiamento Translators with 11 members 2007-05-15
Papuan Malay (pmy) Ubuntu Papuan Malay Translators with 1 members 2011-03-22
Pashto (ps) Afghanistan Pashto Translation with 8 members 2020-05-27
Persian (fa) Ubuntu Persian Translation Reviewers with 7 members 2006-06-19
Piemontese (pms) Piemontèis with 7 members 2009-05-05
Polish (pl) Ubuntu Polish Translators with 24 members 2005-06-03
Portuguese (pt) Ubuntu Portuguese Translators with 27 members 2005-06-03
Punjabi (pa) Ubuntu Panjabi Translators (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) with 7 members 2005-06-03
Romanian (ro) Ubuntu Romanian Quality Assurance with 3 members 2005-06-03
Russian (ru) Russian Ubuntu Translators with 30 members 2005-06-03
Sanskrit (sa) ubuntu-l10n-sa with 16 members 2014-05-31
Sardinian (sc) Ubuntu Sardinian Translators with 40 members 2010-04-07
Scots (sco) Ubuntu Scots Translators with 1 members 2006-08-21
Serbian (sr) Ubuntu Serbian Translators with 62 members 2006-11-05
Serbian Latin (sr@latin) Ubuntu Serbian Latin Translators with 6 members 2020-04-06
Shan (shn) Ubuntu Shan Localization with 10 members 2012-07-13
Shona (sn) Ubuntu Shona Translators with 21 members 2005-10-07
Shuswap (shs) Ubuntu Secwepemc Translators with 7 members 2007-11-23
Silesian (szl) Silesian Ubuntu Translation with 9 members 2009-07-08
Sindhi (sd) Ubuntu Sindhi Translators with 62 members 2010-05-18
Sinhalese (si) Ubuntu Sinhala Translations with 5 members 2010-02-01
Slovak (sk) Ubuntu Slovak Translators with 23 members 2005-08-25
Slovenian (sl) Ubuntu Slovenian Quality Assurance with 7 members 2007-03-03
Somali (so) Ubuntu Somali Translators with 13 members 2006-06-19
Sotho, Northern (nso) Ubuntu Nothern Sotho Translators with 1 members 2010-04-07
Sotho, Southern (st) Southern Sotho Translators with 12 members 2007-06-21
Spanish (es) Ubuntu Spanish Translators with 5 members 2005-06-03
Swahili (sw) Ubuntu Swahili Translators with 64 members 2007-05-24
Swedish (sv) Ubuntu Swedish Translators with 8 members 2005-06-03
Tagalog (tl) Ubuntu Tagalog Translators with 52 members 2005-09-23
Tajik (tg) Tajik Ubuntu Localization with 1 members 2013-04-07
Tamil (ta) Ubuntu Tamil Translators with 51 members 2006-06-08
Tamil (Sri-Lanka) (ta_LK) Ubuntu Srilanka Tamil Translators with 2 members 2011-06-22
Taroko (trv) Taroko Translation Team with 1 members 2008-05-02
Tatar (tt) Ubuntu'ны татарчага тәрҗемәчеләр with 13 members 2008-11-06
Telugu (te) Telugu l10n Translation with 81 members 2010-01-14
Thai (th) Ubuntu Thai Translators with 15 members 2006-04-05
Tibetan (bo) Ubuntu Tibetan Translators with 13 members 2007-08-22
Turkish (tr) Ubuntu'yu Türkçe'ye Çevirenler Takımı with 758 members 2005-06-03
Ukrainian (uk) Ubuntu Ukrainian Translators with 11 members 2005-06-03
Urdu (ur) Ubuntu Urdu Translators with 208 members 2005-08-24
Uyghur (ug) Ubuntu Uyghur Translation Group with 49 members 2010-03-17
Uzbek (uz) Ubuntu Uzbek Translators with 32 members 2006-04-26
Venetian (vec) Ubuntu Venetian Translators with 14 members 2010-12-10
Vietnamese (vi) Ubuntu Vietnamese Translators with 23 members 2009-06-01
Walser (wae) Ubuntu Walser Translators with 1 members 2010-11-04
Wayuu (guc) Ubuntu Wayuunaiki Translators with 3 members 2007-01-05
Welsh (cy) Ubuntu Welsh Translators with 40 members 2006-03-23
Wolof (wo) Ubuntu Wolof Translators with 6 members 2012-06-10
Xhosa (xh) Ubuntu Xhosa Translators with 0 members 2005-06-03
Yiddish (yi) Ubuntu Yiddish Translators with 1 members 2013-11-17
Zazaki (zza) Koma Ubuntu ya Kirmancî/Dimilî with 9 members 2007-11-26
Zulu (zu) Ubuntu Zulu translators with 2 members 2009-04-15

Projects using this group

Projects listed here are using Ubuntu Translators to manage their translations through the respective translation teams.