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Translators: "Backup" is a noun
Резервное копирование
Translated and reviewed by Dmitry Shachnev on 2011-09-10
Located in ../data/ ../data/ ../data/ ../deja-dup/Prompt.vala:93 ../deja-dup/Prompt.vala:128 ../deja-dup/StatusIcon.vala:133 ../deja-dup/StatusIcon.vala:232 ../monitor/monitor.vala:115 ../preferences/preferences-main.vala:52 ../preferences/preferences-main.vala:66
Déjà Dup Backup Tool
Translators: The name is a play on the French phrase "déjà vu" meaning
"already seen", but with the "vu" replaced with "dup".  "Dup" in this
context is itself a reference to both the underlying command line tool
"duplicity" and the act of duplicating data for backup.  As a whole, the
phrase "Déjà Dup" may not be very translatable.
Программа резервного копирования Déjà Dup
Translated by Mihail Kravsun on 2011-08-30
Reviewed by Dmitry Shachnev on 2011-09-10
Located in data/ deja-dup/main.vala:362
Back Up Now
Создать резервную копию
Translated by Nick Becker on 2011-07-30
Reviewed by Eugene Roskin on 2011-08-17
Located in ../data/ ../data/
Change your backup settings
Изменить параметры резервного копирования
Translated and reviewed by diablo on 2010-09-05
Located in data/
Translators: Add whatever keywords you want in your language, separated by semicolons
These keywords are used when searching for applications in dashes, etc.
Translated and reviewed by Michael Terry on 2012-01-09
Located in data/
Backup Monitor
Translators: Monitor in this sense means something akin to 'watcher', not
a computer screen.  This program acts like a daemon that kicks off
backups at scheduled times.
Монитор резервного копирования
Translated and reviewed by Dmitriy Kulikov on 2018-04-21
In upstream:
Менеджер резервного копирования
Suggested by Dmitry Shachnev on 2011-09-10
Located in deja-dup/monitor/monitor.vala:258
Schedules backups at regular intervals
Производит резервное копирование через регулярные интервалы.
Translated and reviewed by Sergey Basalaev on 2011-06-22
Located in deja-dup/monitor/
Amazon S3 Access Key ID
Ключ доступа ID Amazon S3
Translated by Sergey Sedov on 2009-04-05
Reviewed by diablo on 2010-09-07
Located in data/org.gnome.DejaDup.gschema.xml:151
An optional folder name to store files in. This folder will be created in the chosen bucket.
Необязательное название папки, в которой хранятся файлы. Папка будет создана в выбранном пространстве.
Translated and reviewed by Dmitriy Kulikov on 2017-10-02
Located in data/org.gnome.DejaDup.gschema.xml:162 data/org.gnome.DejaDup.gschema.xml:180
Backup location
Местоположение резервных копий
Translated and reviewed by Sergey Sedov on 2009-05-29
Located in deja-dup/AssistantRestore.vala:230
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