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Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions and technical issues with some common audio formats, Ubuntu cannot play certain audio formats out-of-the-box. While support for certain restricted formats can be added after you have installed Ubuntu, it can be advantageous to convert audio files to a well-supported format. This is especially important if the files have been encoded using some form of <emphasis>Digital Rights Management (DRM)</emphasis> software, as DRM restrictions can render files unplayable in all applications but the one in which they were applied.
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The following major audio formats are proprietary and so are not supported by default in Ubuntu:
下列主要的音樂格式或許也就是如此在 Ubuntu 預設沒有支援:
Translated and reviewed by hialan on 2007-10-12
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For a well-supported audio format to replace MP3 and WMA, consider the <emphasis>Ogg Vorbis</emphasis> format. For a well-supported lossless (very high quality) format to replace AAC Lossless and WMA-VBR, consider the <emphasis>FLAC</emphasis> format. Both of these formats are open, and can be played in Ubuntu without the installation of any additional software.
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There are many audio conversion applications for Windows available for download, and some of these can be obtained free of charge. These applications are also sometimes referred to as <emphasis>audio (re)encoders</emphasis>. Your choice of application depends on the formats which you wish to convert from and to. See websites such as <ulink url=""></ulink> for a list of potentially useful applications.
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Many common video formats cannot be played on Ubuntu without the installation of additional software. This is due to legal restrictions.
Translated by anby on 2007-10-13
Reviewed by hialan on 2007-10-16
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As with audio formats, due to legal and technical issues, many video formats are not supported by the default Ubuntu install. While support for some formats can be added at a later date, it is recommended that you convert important video files in unsupported formats to a format which is well supported in Ubuntu.
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As with the audio formats, there are many video converter applications available as free-of-charge downloads for Windows. Consider converting your video files to a format which is well-supported by Ubuntu, such as <emphasis>Ogg Theora</emphasis>.
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The default office suite of Ubuntu, <application></application>, supports very many office document formats right out of the box. These include many of the Microsoft Office, Corel and Lotus formats. If you find that you do have files in formats which are unsupported, it is likely that your existing office suite or application will have the ability to save the files to a better-supported format.
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The OpenDocument file formats are gaining popularity and are expected to become the de facto supported office formats for Ubuntu. While many older applications cannot save to the OpenDocument format, other formats such as .doc and RTF are also well supported.
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Converting from application-specific formats
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