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The <emphasis>Multiverse</emphasis> repository contains software which has been classified as <emphasis>non-free</emphasis>. This software may not be permitted in some jurisdictions. When installing each package from this repository, you should verify that the laws of your country permit you to use it. Also, this software may not include security updates.
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You can find more information about the Repositories available <ulink url="">on the Ubuntu website</ulink>.
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Adding extra repositories
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It is possible to add extra repositories, such as those provided by third parties or those for older versions of Xubuntu.
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Be careful when installing software from third-party repositories. Software from third-party repositories is not supported by Xubuntu. The software they contain may not have been tested with Xubuntu, and could cause your system to break.
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Open <menuchoice><guimenu>Applications</guimenu><guisubmenu>System</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Software Sources</guimenuitem></menuchoice> and press <guilabel>Third-Party Software</guilabel>.
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Press <guibutton>Add</guibutton> to add a new repository.
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Enter the <emphasis>APT line</emphasis> for the extra repository. This should be available from the website of the repository or similar, and should look similar to the following:
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deb etch main
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Press <guibutton>Add Source</guibutton> and then click <guibutton>Close</guibutton> to save your changes.
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1726 of 76 results

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