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Based on Debian, one of the most widely acclaimed, technologically advanced, and well-supported distributions, Kubuntu aims to create a distribution that provides an up-to-date and coherent Linux system for desktop and server computing. Kubuntu includes a number of carefully selected packages from the Debian distribution and retains its powerful package management system, which allows easy installation and clean removal of programs. Unlike most distributions that ship with a large amount of software that may or may not be of use, Kubuntu's list of packages is reduced to a number of important applications of high quality.
Quality Assurance
Kontrola kvality
Another leading UNIX and Linux desktop is <ulink url="">Gnome</ulink>. Kubuntu does not make use of the Gnome desktop by default. However, the <ulink url="">Ubuntu</ulink> project offers Kubuntu users a choice between these two excellent desktop environments. Thanks to the efforts of the Ubuntu team, Kubuntu users are able to install and use the Gnome desktop easily on their system. The Gnome desktop can be found in and downloaded from the main Ubuntu archive. The easiest way to get a working install of Ubuntu is <command>sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop</command>. This will install the different packages required and set everything up correctly.
Version and Release Numbers
Verzia a čísla vydaní
The Kubuntu version numbering scheme is based on the date we release a version of the distribution. The version number comes from the year and month of the release rather than reflecting the actual revision of the software. So, our first release (Hoary Hedgehog) was in April 2005, so its version was 5.04. The second release (Breezy Badger) was in October 2005, so its version number was 5.10. This version (Dapper Drake) was released in June 2006, so its version number is 6.06 LTS.
Backing and Support
Pozadie a podpora