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Whether to show a context menu item to delete permanently
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:103
If set to true, then Nautilus will show a delete permanently context menu item to bypass the Trash.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:104
Whether to show context menu items to create links from copied or selected files
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:108
If set to true, then Nautilus will show context menu items to create links from the copied or selected files.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:109
Whether to ask for confirmation when deleting files, or emptying the Trash
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:113
If set to true, then Nautilus will ask for confirmation when you attempt to delete files, or empty the Trash.
ئەگەر true تەڭشەلسە، Nautilus سىز ھۆججەت ئۆچۈرمەكچى ياكى ئەخلەتخانىنى تازىلىماقچى بولغاندا جەزملەشنى تەلەپ قىلىدۇ.
Translated by Sahran on 2011-05-18
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:112
When to show number of items in a folder
قايسى ۋاقىتتا قىسقۇچتىكى تۈر سانى كۆرسىتىلىدۇ
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2010-08-02
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:117
Speed tradeoff for when to show the number of items in a folder. If set to “always” then always show item counts, even if the folder is on a remote server. If set to “local-only” then only show counts for local file systems. If set to “never” then never bother to compute item counts.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:120
Type of click used to launch/open files
ھۆججەت ئىجرا قىل/ئاچ ئۈچۈن ئىشلىتىلىدىغان تاق چېكىش تىپى
Translated and reviewed by Sahran on 2010-08-02
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:122
Possible values are “single” to launch files on a single click, or “double” to launch them on a double click.
(no translation yet)
Located in data/org.gnome.nautilus.gschema.xml:125
1928 of 1119 results

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