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Dope Sheet
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.DopeSheet
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.SpaceDopeSheetEditor.mode:'DOPESHEET'
:src: bpy.types.SpaceDopeSheetEditor.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.SpaceGraphEditor.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.SpaceNLA.dopesheet
:src: bpy.types.Theme.theme_area:'DOPESHEET_EDITOR'
:src: bpy.types.Theme.dopesheet_editor
(no translation yet)
Browse for files and assets
:src: bpy.types.Area.type:'FILE_BROWSER'
:src: bpy.types.KeyMap.space_type:'FILE_BROWSER'
:src: bpy.types.Space.type:'FILE_BROWSER'
(no translation yet)
When bone has a parent, bone's head is stuck to the parent's tail
:src: bpy.types.Bone.use_connect
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.use_connect
(no translation yet)
Enable Bone to deform geometry
:src: bpy.types.Bone.use_deform
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.use_deform
(no translation yet)
Relative Parenting
:src: bpy.types.Bone.use_relative_parent
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.use_relative_parent
(no translation yet)
Object children will use relative transform, like deform
:src: bpy.types.Bone.use_relative_parent
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.use_relative_parent
(no translation yet)
Bone is always drawn as Wireframe regardless of viewport draw mode (useful for non-obstructive custom bone shapes)
:src: bpy.types.Bone.show_wire
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.show_wire
(no translation yet)
When bone doesn't have a parent, it receives cyclic offset effects (Deprecated)
:src: bpy.types.Bone.use_cyclic_offset
:src: bpy.types.EditBone.use_cyclic_offset
(no translation yet)
Mark this bone as a 'foot', which determines retargeted animation's translation
:src: bpy.types.Bone.foot
(no translation yet)
Twist Fix
:src: bpy.types.Bone.twistFix
(no translation yet)
110 of 16898 results

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