Translations related to Dmitry Shachnev

Last translation activity by Dmitry Shachnev was on 2017-04-13.


These are the translations that Dmitry Shachnev last worked on:

2017-04-13 eog source package in Yakkety
2017-04-13 eog source package in Zesty
2017-04-07 nautilus source package in Zesty
2017-04-05 onboard source package in Zesty
2017-04-03 Onboard 1.4 series
2017-01-23 Ubuntu Packaging Guide trunk series
2016-12-07 eog source package in Artful
2016-09-03 Déjà Dup 34 series
2016-08-28 Mailnag trunk series
2016-04-27 Unity Mail trunk series