Translations related to Eugenio M. Vigo

Last translation activity by Eugenio M. Vigo was .


These are the translations that Eugenio M. Vigo last worked on:

2021-01-25 transmission source package in Hirsute
2018-10-09 transmission source package in Cosmic
2013-11-15 EncFS main series
2012-11-05 GNOME Documents Translations Project gnome3.04 series
2012-08-25 APTonCD trunk series
2012-07-08 Performous trunk series
2012-05-23 Back In Time trunk series
2011-07-07 Evergreen 3.5 series
2011-07-07 Evergreen 3.4 series
2011-07-07 Evergreen 3.3 series