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Keeping Your Computer Safe
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:14(title)
This section describes how to keep your computer safe from security threats.
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Using separate users
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:19(title)
During installation of Ubuntu, a single user and password is created. However, in order to keep your computer and documents safe, it is important to use a separate user account for each person that uses the computer. In this way, multiple users can have access to the computer while preserving and protecting their own personal settings and files.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:20(para)
On Ubuntu, each user has their own <emphasis>home directory</emphasis> in which files and settings are stored. Furthermore, each user can be part of one or more <emphasis>groups</emphasis>, which define which parts of the system that user has access to.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:21(para)
You may need administrative rights to make some of the changes detailed below. See <link linkend="root-and-sudo">Administrative tasks</link> for more information.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:24(para)
Managing users
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:28(title)
To modify the users or groups on your system, you can use the <application>Users And Groups</application> application located in <menuchoice><guimenu>Applications</guimenu><guisubmenu>System</guisubmenu><guimenuitem>Users and Groups</guimenuitem></menuchoice>.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:29(para)
To add a new user, click on <guilabel>Add user</guilabel>, enter the required information and then click <guilabel>OK</guilabel>.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:30(para)
To edit the properties of each user, select a user and then click the <guilabel>Properties</guilabel> button located in the <guilabel>Users settings</guilabel> window.
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Located in keeping-safe/C/keeping-safe.xml:31(para)
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