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Having restructured and reorganized many businesses, we wanted our management experience to generate a work that is both instructive and practical. It was important for us not to write a manual about OpenERP, but instead a work that deals with advanced management techniques realized through these IT tools. You will see what management practices might be useful, what is possible, and then how you could achieve that in OpenERP.
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As such, the world of OpenSource software became more and more attractive. She started working with OpenERP software in her free time and doing so, Els really wanted to meet Fabien Pinckaers to share thoughts about documentation and training strategy. At a Partner Meeting she heard Fabien was looking for someone to manage training & documentation. This was absolutely an opportunity to be qualified, and now Els is the OpenERP Training Program Manager and responsible for the worldwide training and certification program of OpenERP.
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So even if the OpenERP Online solution might be the best solution to suit your needs today, you can easily switch to an installation on your own servers according to your company's changing requirements or growth. You are also able to change your service provider anytime, while continuing to use the exact same system. Hence, you do not depend on your host. In addition, OpenERP works with standard and open formats and programming languages which allow you to export your data and use them in any other software.
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If you want to start working with the online platform, you can navigate to After successful registration, you will be able to configure and use OpenERP online. To log in to your OpenERP Online account, you will receive a username and password. You can build the software to fit your needs, at your own pace!
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OpenERP Online - Software as a Service - is hosted by OpenERP and paid in the form of a monthly subscription. The pricing model is extremely simple. OpenERP charges a fixed fee per month per user. You will get an invoice each month according to the number of users registered in the system at that time. If you add new users during the next 30 days, they will only be charged with the next invoice. You can find the details of current pricing and payment options at
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For a month's free trial, check out OpenERP's, which enables you to get started quickly without incurring costs for integration or for buying computer systems. After the free trial expires, you can easily continue using OpenERP Online.
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It is best to use the web browser if the OpenERP server is some distance away (such as on another continent) because it is more tolerant of time delays. The web client is also easier to maintain, because it is generally already installed on users' computers.
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It is a free and open-source high-performance system that compares well with other database management systems such as MySQL and FirebirdSQL (both free), Sybase, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server (all proprietary). It runs on all types of Operating System, from Unix/Linux to the various releases of Windows, via Mac OS X, Solaris, SunOS and BSD.
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Use the Manage databases link in this section to create a new database, \ ``openerp_ch01`` \. This database will contain the demonstration data provided with OpenERP and a large proportion of the core OpenERP functionality. You will need to know your super administrator password for this – or you will have to find somebody who does have it to create this database.
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After first installation, the password is ``admin``. This is the hard-coded default, and is used if there is no accessible server configuration file. If your system has been set up so that the server configuration file can be written to by the server, then you can change the password through the client. Or you could deliberately make the configuration file read-only so that there is no prospect of changing it from the client. Either way, a server systems administrator can change it if you forget it.
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