Odoo Translators (MOVED TO TRANSIFEX) translation group

Administered by Odoo Administrators


Please read the translation instructions to learn about policies, recommendations and caveats for doing translations in this translation group.

Translation teams

Language Team/Supervisor Guidelines Appointed
Albanian (sq) Albanian Translate with 1 members
Amharic (am) OpenERP Amharic (am) with 9 members
Arabic (ar) OpenERP Arabic with 3 members
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) OpenERP Brazil Team Translators with 12 members
Bulgarian (bg) Odoo Bulgarian tranlation team with 5 members
Catalan (ca) OpenERP Spain Team with 80 members
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN) OpenERP Chinese Translation Team with 137 members
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW) OpenERP Taiwanese Translation with 16 members
Croatian (hr) OpenERP Croatian team with 33 members
Czech (cs) openerp-i18n-czech with 20 members
Danish (da) Danish translation team with 16 members
Dutch (nl) OpenERP Dutch Translation Team with 18 members
Dutch (Belgium) (nl_BE) OpenERP Dutch Translations for Belgium with 2 members
English (Canada) (en_CA) OpenERP Canada Team with 37 members
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) OpenERP British English Translations with 14 members
Finnish (fi) openerp-i18n-finnish with 33 members
French (fr) OpenERP French translation reviewers with 21 members
French (Canada) (fr_CA) OpenERP Canada Team with 37 members
Galician (gl) OpenERP Spain Team with 80 members
German (de) OpenERP German Translators with 45 members
Greek (el) odoo-i18n-el with 43 members
Hebrew (he) openerp-i18n-he with 7 members
Hungarian (hu) OpenERP Hungarian Team with 17 members
Icelandic (is) OpenERP Icelandic translation with 16 members
Italian (it) OpenERP Italian Translators with 4 members
Japanese (ja) OpenERP Japanese Translation with 13 members
Kabyle (kab) Kabyle translation for Odoo with 1 members
Lao (lo) OpenERP Lao with 2 members
Lithuanian (lt) OpenERP Lithuanian Translators with 8 members
Macedonian (mk) Odoo (OpenERP) Macedonian with 10 members
Malagasy (mg) OpenERP Malagasy translators with 1 members
Mongolian (mn) OpenERP Mongolian translation team with 25 members
Norwegian Bokmal (nb) OpenERP Norwegian translation team with 3 members
Persian (fa) Persian Translation with 16 members
Portuguese (pt) OpenERP PT tradutores with 12 members
Romanian (ro) OpenERP Romanian Team with 37 members
Russian (ru) OpenERP Russian Translation Team with 1 members
Serbian (sr) OpenERP Serbian Cyrillic with 9 members
Serbian Latin (sr@latin) OpenERP Serbian Latin with 13 members
Slovak (sk) OpenERP Slovak Translation Team with 8 members
Slovenian (sl) OpenERP Slovenia Translators with 8 members
Spanish (es) OpenERP Spain Team with 80 members
Spanish (Argentina) (es_AR) Openerp Argentina Translation Team with 16 members
Spanish (Chile) (es_CL) OpenERP Chilean Team with 28 members
Spanish (Costa Rica) (es_CR) OpenERP Costa Rican Spanish Translation Team with 3 members
Spanish (Dominican Republic) (es_DO) OpenERP Dominican Republic Spanish Translation Team with 4 members
Spanish (Ecuador) (es_EC) OpenERP Ecuador Translation Team with 26 members
Spanish (Honduras) (es_HN) spanish hn localization with 2 members
Spanish (Mexico) (es_MX) OpenERP Español-México Translation Team with 8 members
Spanish (Panama) (es_PA) Spanish (Panama) (es_PA) with 4 members
Spanish (Paraguay) (es_PY) openerp-i18n-es_py with 7 members
Spanish (Peru) (es_PE) Spanish (Perú)(es_PE) with 2 members
Spanish (Spain) (es_ES) OpenERP Spain Team with 80 members
Spanish (Venezuela) (es_VE) OpenERP Español-Venezuela Translation Team with 4 members
Swedish (sv) OpenERP Sweden with 52 members
Tamil (ta) OpenERP Tamil Localization Team with 1 members
Thai (th) OpenERP Thailand Team with 70 members
Turkish (tr) Açık Kaynak Türkçeleştirme Takımı with 120 members
Ukrainian (uk) Odoo Ukrainian Translators with 3 members
Vietnamese (vi) openerp-i18n-vi with 16 members

Projects using this group

Projects listed here are using Odoo Translators (MOVED TO TRANSIFEX) to manage their translations through the respective translation teams.