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Awesome, you're all ready to start sharing your music! To get started head over to your <a href='%1'>artist management page</a> and start filling in a few details about yourself.
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Wow, you're pretty popular! To make sure you're really associated with this band we're going to have to do some extra checks before enabling your artist account. If you're on Jamendo we'll typically send you a message there to check, otherwise we'll try to send an e-mail to the address on your band's website. Once that's all sorted we'll send you an e-mail letting you know that your account is ready for you!
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Sorry, in that case you'll have to pick a new name.
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Artist name:
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To start off just let us know the name that you like to perform under:
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Create artist account
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Popular tags other people used to describe this artist
Popularaj markoj, kiujn aliaj personoj uzis por priskribi ĉi tiun artiston
Translated and reviewed by Michael Moroni on 2011-03-16
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This tag was used %1 times
Ĉi tiu marko estas uzata %1 fojo(j)n
Translated and reviewed by Michael Moroni on 2011-03-16
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Tags you've used for this artist
Markoj, kiujn vi uzis por ĉi tiu artisto
Translated and reviewed by Aleksej on 2011-03-20
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Add tags:
Aldoni markojn:
Translated and reviewed by Michael Moroni on 2011-03-16
Located in translatable_strings.c:80
1827 of 251 results

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