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A miniature golf game with a 2D, top-down view. Courses are dynamic. Up to 10 people can compete at the same time.
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A simple ball dodging game.
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A simple, yet challenging color matching game modeled after the once famous SameGame. The goal is to clear the game board filled with multicolored marbles.
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Two players control satellite spaceships orbiting the sun. As the game progresses, players have to eliminate opponent's spacecraft.
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A Gomoku-like game for two players. Opponents alternate placing their respective pictograms on the game board. Also similar to Connect Five or Naughts and Crosses.
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Ships are placed on a board which represents the sea. Players try to hit their opponent's ships by guessing where they are placed. The first player to destroy all ships wins the game.
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Located in docs/games/C/games.xml:144(para)
Tiles are scrambled, and stacked to resemble various shapes. The player removes matching pairs of tile's until all the tiles have been removed from the game board.
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Located in docs/games/C/games.xml:153(para)
A simple single-player strategy game played against the computer. When a player's piece is captured, the piece is turned over (reversed) to reveal the color of the capturing player. The winner is the player with the most pieces when there are no more possible moves.
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Located in docs/games/C/games.xml:162(para)
A solitaire game played using the standard set of Mahjonng tiles in a single layer. Play against the clock or change the settings to increase the challenge of the game.
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Located in docs/games/C/games.xml:172(para)
1120 of 43 results

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