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Enter the coordinates for the new nodes, one for each line.<br/>If you enter two lines with the same coordinates there will be generated duplicate nodes.<br/>You can separate longitude and latitude with space, comma or semicolon.<br/>Use positive numbers or N, E characters to indicate North or East cardinal direction.<br/>For South and West cardinal directions you can use either negative numbers or S, W characters.<br/>Coordinate value can be in one of three formats:<ul><li><i>degrees</i><tt>&deg;</tt></li><li><i>degrees</i><tt>&deg;</tt> <i>minutes</i><tt>&#39;</tt></li><li><i>degrees</i><tt>&deg;</tt> <i>minutes</i><tt>&#39;</tt> <i>seconds</i><tt>&quot</tt></li></ul>Symbols <tt>&deg;</tt>, <tt>&#39;</tt>, <tt>&prime;</tt>, <tt>&quot;</tt>, <tt>&Prime;</tt> are optional.<br/><br/>Some examples:<ul><li>49.29918&deg; 19.24788&deg;</li><li>N 49.29918 E 19.24788</li><li>W 49&deg;29.918&#39; S 19&deg;24.788&#39;</li><li>N 49&deg;29&#39;04&quot; E 19&deg;24&#39;43&quot;</li><li>49.29918 N, 19.24788 E</li><li>49&deg;29&#39;21&quot; N 19&deg;24&#39;38&quot; E</li><li>49 29 51, 19 24 18</li><li>49 29, 19 24</li><li>E 49 29, N 19 24</li><li>49&deg; 29; 19&deg; 24</li><li>N 49&deg; 29, W 19&deg; 24</li><li>49&deg; 29.5 S, 19&deg; 24.6 E</li><li>N 49 29.918 E 19 15.88</li><li>49 29.4 19 24.5</li><li>-49 29.4 N -19 24.5 W</li></ul><li>48 deg 42&#39; 52.13" N, 21 deg 11&#39; 47.60" E</li></ul>
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13701 of 13788 results

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