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admin utility for Marvell uAP wireless driver
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Located in Package: uaputl
A small utility for configurating the Marvell uAP wireless driver.
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Located in Package: uaputl
This includes archives packages, ISO files for releases, daily builds for ISO files from cdimage and DVD images.
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Located in Package: ubumirror
Metapackage with tools to aid in benchmarking in Ubuntu
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Located in Package: ubuntu-benchmark-tools
This metapackage includes packages that help with benchmarking in Ubuntu. This includes cpu, memory, disk i/o, and graphics benchmarks.
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Located in Package: ubuntu-benchmark-tools
GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu Cloud Archive
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Located in Package: ubuntu-cloud-keyring
The Ubuntu project digitally signs its Release files. This package contains the archive keys used for the repository.
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Located in Package: ubuntu-cloud-keyring
- 404main - used to check what components a package's deps are in, for
doing a main inclusion report for example.
- backportpackage - helper to test package backports
- bitesize - add the 'bitesize' tag to a bug and comment that you are
willing to help fix it.
- check-mir - check support status of build/binary dependencies
- check-symbols - will compare and give you a diff of the exported symbols of
all .so files in a binary package.
- dch-repeat - used to repeat a change log into an older release.
- grab-merge - grabs a merge from easily.
- grep-merges - search for pending merges from Debian.
- harvest - grabs information about development opportunities from
- hugdaylist - compile HugDay lists from bug list URLs.
- import-bug-from-debian - copy a bug from the Debian BTS to Launchpad
- merge-changelog - manually merges two Debian changelogs with the same base
- mk-sbuild - script to create LVM snapshot chroots via schroot and
- pbuilder-dist, cowbuilder-dist - wrapper script for managing several build
chroots (for different Ubuntu and Debian releases) on the same system.
- pull-debian-debdiff - attempts to find and download a specific version of
a Debian package and its immediate parent to generate a debdiff.
- pull-debian-source - downloads the latest source package available in
Debian of a package.
- pull-lp-source - downloads latest source package from Launchpad.
- pull-revu-source - downloads the latest source package from REVU
- requestbackport - file a backporting request.
- requestsync - files a sync request with Debian changelog and rationale.
- reverse-depends - find the reverse dependencies (or build dependencies) of
a package.
- seeded-in-ubuntu - query if a package is safe to upload during a freeze.
- setup-packaging-environment - assistant to get an Ubuntu installation
ready for packaging work.
- sponsor-patch - Downloads a patch from a Launchpad bug, patches the source
package, and uploads it (to Ubuntu or a PPA)
- submittodebian - automatically send your changes to Debian as a bug report.
- syncpackage - helper to prepare .changes file to upload synced packages
- ubuntu-build - give commands to the Launchpad build daemons from the
command line.
- ubuntu-iso - output information of an Ubuntu ISO image.
- ubuntu-upload-permission - query / list the upload permissions for a
- update-maintainer - script to update maintainer field in ubuntu packages.
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Located in Package: ubuntu-dev-tools
Toolkit styles for Ubuntu HTML5 Apps
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Located in Package: ubuntu-html5-theme
This package provides common CSS and Javascript for developing native- looking HTML5 applications for Ubuntu
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Located in Package: ubuntu-html5-ui-toolkit
4010140110 of 41885 results

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