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These files are regarded as basic for any TeX system, covering plain TeX
macros, Computer Modern fonts, and configuration for common drivers; no
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Ces fichiers sont considérés comme de base pour tout système TeX, couvrant les macros
TeX simples, les polices Computer Modern et la configuration des pilotes courants[nbsp];
pas de LaTeX.
Translated and reviewed by Pierre Slamich
Located in Package: texlive-base
This package includes the following CTAN packages:
amsfonts -- TeX fonts from the American Mathematical Society.
bibtex -- Process bibliographies for LaTeX, etc.
cm -- Computer Modern fonts.
dvipdfm -- A DVI driver to produce PDF directly.
dvipdfmx -- An extended version of dvipdfm.
dvipdfmx-def --
dvips -- A DVI to PostScript driver.
enctex -- A TeX extension that translates input on its way into TeX.
etex -- An extended version of TeX, from the NTS project.
etex-pkg -- E-TeX support package.
glyphlist --
gsftopk -- Convert "ghostscript fonts" to PK files.
hyph-utf8 -- Hyphenation patterns expressed in UTF-8.
hyphen-base --
ifluatex -- Provides the \ifluatex switch.
ifxetex -- Am I running under XeTeX?
kpathsea -- Path searching library for TeX-related files.
lua-alt-getopt -- Process application arguments the same way as
makeindex -- Process index output to produce typesettable code.
metafont -- A system for specifying fonts.
mflogo -- LaTeX support for MetaFont logo fonts.
mfware -- Supporting tools for use with Metafont.
misc --
pdftex -- A TeX extension for direct creation of PDF.
plain --
tetex -- scripts and files originally written for or included in teTeX
tex -- A sophisticated typesetting engine.
texconfig --
xdvi -- A DVI previewer for the X Window System.
texdoc -- Documentation access for TeX distributions.
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Located in Package: texlive-base
TeX Live: Extra BibTeX styles
TeX[nbsp]Live[nbsp]: styles BibTeX supplémentaires
Translated by Michael Vogt
Located in Package: texlive-bibtex-extra
Additional BibTeX styles and bibliography databases, including BibLaTeX.
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Located in Package: texlive-bibtex-extra
This package includes the following CTAN packages:
aichej -- Bibliography style file for the AIChE Journal.
amsrefs -- A LaTeX-based replacement for BibTeX.
apacite -- Citation style following the rules of the APA.
apalike2 -- Bibliography style that approaches APA requirements.
beebe --
bibarts -- "Arts"-style bibliographical information.
bibexport -- Extract a BibTeX file based on a .aux file.
bibhtml -- BibTeX support for HTML files.
biblatex -- Bibliographies in LaTeX using BibTeX for sorting only.
biblatex-apa -- Biblatex citation and reference style for APA.
biblatex-bwl --
biblatex-chem -- Chemistry styles for biblatex.
biblatex-chicago -- Chicago style files for biblatex.
biblatex-dw -- Humanities styles for biblatex.
biblatex-fiwi -- Biblatex styles for use in German humanities.
biblatex-historian -- A Biblatex style.
biblatex-ieee -- Ieee style files for biblatex.
biblatex-juradiss -- Biblatex stylefiles for German law thesis.
biblatex-luh-ipw -- Biblatex styles for social sciences.
biblatex-mla -- MLA style files for biblatex.
biblatex-musuos -- A biblatex style for citations in musuos.cls.
biblatex-nature -- Biblatex support for Nature.
biblatex-nejm -- Biblatex style for the New England Journal of Medicine
biblatex-philosophy -- Styles for using biblatex for work in philosophy.
biblatex-science -- Biblatex support for Science.
biblatex-swiss-legal -- Bibliography and citation styles following Swiss
legal practice.
biblist -- Print a BibTeX database.
bibtopic -- Include multiple bibliographies in a document.
bibtopicprefix -- Prefix references to bibliographies produced by bibtopic.
bibunits -- Multiple bibliographies in one document.
breakcites -- Ensure that multiple citations may break at line end.
cell -- Bibliography style for Cell.
chbibref -- Change the Bibliography/References title.
chicago -- A "Chicago" bibliography style.
chicago-annote -- Chicago-based annotated BibTeX style.
chembst -- A collection of BibTeX files for chemistry journals.
chscite -- Bibliography style for Chalmers University of Technology.
collref -- Collect blocks of references into a single reference.
compactbib -- Multiple thebibliography environments.
custom-bib -- Customised BibTeX styles.
din1505 -- Bibliography styles for German texts.
dk-bib -- Danish variants of standard BibTeX styles.
doipubmed -- Special commands for use in bibliographies.
fbs -- BibTeX style for Frontiers in Bioscience.
figbib -- Organize figure databases with BibTeX.
footbib -- Bibliographic references as footnotes.
geschichtsfrkl -- BibLaTeX style for historians.
harvard -- Harvard citation package for use with LaTeX 2e.
harvmac -- Macros for scientific articles.
historische-zeitschrift -- Biblatex style for the journal 'Historische
ijqc -- BibTeX style file for the Intl. J. Quantum Chem.
inlinebib -- Citations in footnotes.
iopart-num -- Numeric citation style for IOP journals.
jneurosci -- BibTeX style for the Journal of Neuroscience.
jurabib -- Extended BibTeX citation support for the humanities and legal
ksfh_nat --
listbib -- Lists contents of BibTeX files.
logreq -- Support for automation of the LaTeX workflow.
margbib -- Display bibitem tags in the margins.
multibib -- Multiple bibliographies within one document.
munich -- An alternative authordate bibliography style.
notes2bib -- Integrating notes into the bibliography.
perception -- BibTeX style for the journal Perception.
pnas2009 -- Bibtex style for PNAS.
rsc -- BibTeX style for use with RSC journals.
showtags -- Print the tags of bibliography entries.
sort-by-letters -- Bibliography styles for alphabetic sorting.
splitbib -- Split and reorder your bibliography.
uni-wtal-ger --
urlbst -- Web support for BibTeX.
usebib -- A simple bibloography processor.
vak -- BibTeX style for Russian Theses, books, etc.
xcite -- Use citation keys from a different document.
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Located in Package: texlive-bibtex-extra
Binaries for TeX Live
fichiers exécutables de Tex[nbsp]Live
Translated by Michael Vogt
Located in Package: texlive-binaries
This package contains all the binaries of TeX Live packages.
Ce paquet contient tous les fichiers exécutables des paquets Tex Live.
Translated by Michael Vogt
Located in Package: texlive-binaries
Note that this package alone has hardly any functionality. Rather, choose the texlive-* packages you want to use, e.g. texlive-latex-recommended or context
Il est à noter que ce paquet seul n'a quasiment aucune fonctionnalité. Il est préférable de choisir les paquets texlive-* que l'on souhaite utiliser, comme par exemple texlive-latex-recommended ou context.
Translated by Michael Vogt
Located in Package: texlive-binaries
TeX Live: Base component
TeX[nbsp]Live[nbsp]: composants de base
Translated and reviewed by Sylvie Gallet
Located in Package: texlive-common
The TeX Live software distribution offers a complete TeX system. It encompasses programs for typesetting, previewing and printing of TeX documents in many different languages, and a large collection of TeX macros and font libraries.
La distribution TeX Live offre une implémentation complète de TeX. Elle inclut les outils pour composer, prévisualiser, et imprimer des documents TeX dans une grande diversité de langues, ainsi qu'une grande collection de macros TeX et de polices.
Translated by Pierre Slamich
Located in Package: texlive-common Package: texlive
1528515294 of 16762 results

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