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In this package you will find the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ, which gives frequently asked questions (with their answers!) about the Debian distribution (Debian GNU/Linux and others) and about the Debian project. Some answers assume some knowledge of Unix-like operating systems. However, as little prior knowledge as possible is assumed: answers to general beginners questions will be kept simple.
이 패키지에는 데비안 배포판(데비안 GNU/리눅스 및 기타)과 데비안 프로젝트에 대해서 자주 물어보는 질문과 그에 대한 답변이 들어있는 데비안 GNU/리눅스 FAQ 문서가 포함되어 있습니다. 몇몇 답변들은 유닉스류 운영체제에 대해서 얼마간의 지식이 있음을 가정하고 있습니다. 그렇지만, 가능하면 전문 지식이 거의 없다는 가정으로, 일반적인 초보자 질문에 대한 답은 간단하게 유지하려 합니다.
Translated by Michael Vogt on 2009-01-15
Located in Package: debian-faq-zh-cn Package: debian-faq-ru Package: debian-faq-it Package: debian-faq-fr Package: debian-faq-de Package: debian-faq
This package includes the following CTAN packages:
이 패키지는 아래 CTAN 패키지를 포함합니다:
Translated by Michael Vogt on 2015-06-02
Located in Package: texlive-xetex Package: texlive-science Package: texlive-publishers Package: texlive-pstricks Package: texlive-plain-generic Package: texlive-pictures Package: texlive-music Package: texlive-metapost Package: texlive-luatex Package: texlive-latex-extra Package: texlive-lang-spanish Package: texlive-lang-portuguese Package: texlive-lang-polish Package: texlive-lang-other Package: texlive-lang-korean Package: texlive-lang-japanese Package: texlive-lang-italian Package: texlive-lang-greek Package: texlive-lang-german Package: texlive-lang-french Package: texlive-lang-european Package: texlive-lang-english Package: texlive-lang-czechslovak Package: texlive-lang-cyrillic Package: texlive-lang-cjk Package: texlive-lang-chinese Package: texlive-lang-arabic Package: texlive-humanities Package: texlive-games Package: texlive-formats-extra Package: texlive-fonts-recommended Package: texlive-fonts-extra Package: texlive-font-utils Package: texlive-extra-utils Package: texlive-bibtex-extra
Uim is an input method module library which supports various scripts and can act as a front end for a range of input methods, including Anthy, Canna, PRIME, or SKK (for Japanese), Pinyin (for Chinese), Byeoru (for Korean), and M17n (for many other languages). Most of its functions are implemented in Scheme, so it's very simple and flexible.
Uim은 다양한 스크립트를 지원하는 입력기 모듈 라이브러리이며 Anthy, Canna, PRIME, 또는 SKK (일본어용), Pinyin (중국어용), Byeoru (한국어용), 및 M17n (여러 다른 언어용)을 포함하는 다양한 입력기의 프론트엔드로 역할 할 수 있습 니다. 그 기능의 대부분은 Scheme에서 구현되며, 그래서 매우 간단하고 유연합니다. 고 유연합니다.
Translated by Michael Vogt on 2015-06-02
Located in Package: uim-qt5-immodule Package: uim-gtk3-immodule Package: uim-gtk2.0-immodule Package: uim-chewing
13 of 3 results

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