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Translatable applications

There are no translatable projects in CoApp.

If a project for CoApp is not listed here, get in touch with CoApp Administrators who is the administrator for the project group.

CoApp is translated with Open permissions.

Translatable projects

Other projects in CoApp

These projects are not yet set up for translation in Launchpad.

CoApp SmartManifest
CoApp Devtool: SmartManifest
CoApp mkProject
CoApp Devtool: mkProject
CoApp Autopackage
CoApp Scan
CoApp DevTool: Scan
CoApp Bootstrap
CoApp Package Tool: Bootstrap
CoApp mini installer GUI
Grep (CoApp package)
CoApp Metadata
Metadata project for CoApp
DllExport -- Provides C-style exports for pure .NET assemblies
PerpetualSync-Sync Files between computers using Bazaar
CoApp Trace
CoApp interim stub tool
CoApp mkSpec
CoApp Devtool: mkSpec
CoApp mkPackage
CoApp Devtool: mkPackage
CoApp Client Engine
CoApp Engine
CoApp Toolkit
CoApp Toolkit Library
Easy tool to sign binaries for CoApp
CoApp Command line client
CoApp Command Line Interface
JScript Toolkit
JScript scripting toolkit
CoApp Solution
CoApp Master Solution & properties
CoApp Testpackagemaker
CoApp Test Package Maker
QuickTool -- An all-in-one convenience tool for developers