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Google Wallet Virtual Online Card
note: 'Text describing the task of generating a proxy card in an Autocheckout flow.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_AUTOFILL_STEP_PROXY_CARD_UNSTARTED
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8323056805209852648; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
lorem ipsum - unsupported_merchant.
note: 'Text explaining that the merchant is blacklisted for Google Wallet Chrome Payments due to compliance violation.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_AUTOFILL_WALLET_UNSUPPORTED_MERCHANT
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8414080524658166359; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
&Search %{SEARCH_ENGINE} for this image
UNUSED: (not pp_ifdef('use_titlecase')) == False
note: 'The name of the Search For Image command in the content area context menu'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_CONTENT_CONTEXT_SEARCHWEBFORIMAGE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8426564434439698958; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
A supervised user can explore the web with your guidance. As the manager of a supervised user in Chrome, you can

[nbsp][nbsp]allow or prohibit certain websites,
[nbsp][nbsp]review websites the supervised user has visited, and
[nbsp][nbsp]manage other settings.

Creating a supervised user does not create a Google Account, and their settings and data will not follow them to other devices with Chrome Sync. Currently, a supervised user applies only to this installation of Chrome, on this device.

After you create a new supervised user, you can manage their settings at any time, from any device, at
note: "Informative text describing the 'supervised user' feature in detail, shown when the 'Learn more' link is clicked in the 'Create User' dialog. The HTML entities at the starts of the lines are a non-breaking space, a bullet, and another non-breaking space."
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_NEW_MANAGED_USER_LEARN_MORE_TEXT
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Located in grdsid8651130890368571179; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Always block multiple automatic downloads on %{HOST}
note: 'Radio button to block automatic downloads'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_ALLOWED_DOWNLOAD_BLOCK
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8663099077749055505; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Downloaded by %{EXTENSION}
note: 'Indicates which extension downloaded this file.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_DOWNLOAD_BY_EXTENSION
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8669855045727723110; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Manage download settings...
note: 'Link to downloads section of content blocking management dialog, displayed in bubble when a page tries to download files automatically.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_BLOCKED_DOWNLOADS_LINK
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8678648549315280022; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
This page only shows information on your recently uploaded WebRTC logs if you %{BEGIN_LINK}enable crash reporting%{END_LINK}.
note: 'The explanatory message for chrome://webrtc-logs when uploading is disabled'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_WEBRTC_LOGS_DISABLED_MESSAGE
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8678651741617505261; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Delegated Renderer (AKA Übercompositor).
note: 'Name of about:flags option for delegated renderer.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_FLAGS_DELEGATED_RENDERER_NAME
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid8811314776632711217; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
Shipping address
note: 'Label for the shipping details section of the autofill dialog.'
in: upstream/cr-30.0.1599.0/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd, as IDS_AUTOFILL_DIALOG_SECTION_SHIPPING
(no translation yet)
Located in grdsid884264119367021077; intermediary: cmlpgrid v2
52215230 of 5243 results

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