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There is a new version of Chromium available.
UNUSED: (is_win) == False
note: 'Top line of the try-chrome-again dialog'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_TRY_TOAST_HEADING
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_TRY_TOAST_HEADING
Este disponibilă o nouă versiune Chromium.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5398878173008909840; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Set Chromium as your default browser
UNUSED: (is_macosx) == False
note: 'Label for checkbox that sets the default browser'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_FIRSTRUN_DLG_MAC_SET_DEFAULT_BROWSER_LABEL
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_FIRSTRUN_DLG_MAC_SET_DEFAULT_BROWSER_LABEL
Setați Chromium ca browser prestabilit
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5427571867875391349; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium updates automatically so you always have the freshest version. When this download completes, Chromium will restart and you'll be on your way.
UNUSED: (chromeos) == False
note: 'Chrome OS OOBE: message shown during update stage.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UPDATE_MSG
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UPDATE_MSG
Chromium se actualizează automat, deci ai întotdeauna cea mai recentă versiune. După această descărcare, Chromium va reporni și va fi gata de utilizare.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5466153949126434691; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Please wait while Chromium installs the latest system updates.
UNUSED: (chromeos) == False
note: 'Label shown on the updates installation screen during OOBE'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_INSTALLING_UPDATE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_INSTALLING_UPDATE
Așteaptă până când Chromium instalează cele mai recente actualizări de sistem.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 549669000822060376; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Search with one touch
note: 'Header shown at the top of the first run experience, to describe the Contextual Search feature.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_CONTEXTUAL_SEARCH_HEADER
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_CONTEXTUAL_SEARCH_HEADER
Caută cu o atingere
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5563479599352954471; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Learn about topics on websites without leaving the page.
note: 'Part 1 of the description of the Contextual Search feature. Combined with FEATURE_NAME and DESCRIPTION_2 below, the whole should be a paragraph describing the feature. This line can be empty if it makes sense to start the sentence with FEATURE_NAME.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_CONTEXTUAL_SEARCH_PROMO_DESCRIPTION_1
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_CONTEXTUAL_SEARCH_PROMO_DESCRIPTION_1
Află despre subiectele de pe site-uri fără să părăsești pagina.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5620765574781326016; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
(requires Chromium %{BEGIN_BUTTON}restart%{END_BUTTON})
note: 'The restart string after changing hardware acceleration mode'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_OPTIONS_SYSTEM_ENABLE_HARDWARE_ACCELERATION_MODE_RESTART
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_OPTIONS_SYSTEM_ENABLE_HARDWARE_ACCELERATION_MODE_RESTART
(necesită %{BEGIN_BUTTON}repornirea%{END_BUTTON} Chromium)
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5772805321386874569; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium is almost ready.
UNUSED: (is_win) == False
note: 'The title at the top of the window guiding user through making Chrome default in Metro.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_METRO_FLOW_TITLE_SHORT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_METRO_FLOW_TITLE_SHORT
Chromium este aproape configurat.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5796460469508169315; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Go to
the Chromium menu >
and make sure your configuration is set to "no proxy" or "direct."
note: 'Linux instructions for disabling use of a proxy server.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_ERRORPAGES_SUGGESTION_PROXY_DISABLE_PLATFORM
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_ERRORPAGES_SUGGESTION_PROXY_DISABLE_PLATFORM
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meniul Chromium >
și asigurați-vă că aveți configurația setată la „fără proxy” sau „direct”.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 580822234363523061; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium could not update itself to the latest version, so you are missing out on awesome new features and security fixes. You need to update Chromium.
note: 'Text for the upgrade bubble view full description.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UPGRADE_BUBBLE_REENABLE_TEXT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UPGRADE_BUBBLE_REENABLE_TEXT
Chromium nu s-a putut actualiza automat la cea mai recentă versiune, astfel încât pierdeți noi funcții excelente și remedieri de securitate. Trebuie să actualizați Chromium.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 5823381412099532241; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
144153 of 258 results

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