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Also delete your browsing data?
UNUSED: (is_win) == False
note: 'Text to show user to ask whether to delete all the profile data also during uninstallation.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UNINSTALL_DELETE_PROFILE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_UNINSTALL_DELETE_PROFILE
למחוק גם את נתוני הגלישה שלך?
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 911206726377975832; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Disconnecting %{USERNAME} will clear your history, bookmarks, settings, and other Chromium data stored on this device. Data stored in your Google Account will not be cleared and can be managed on %{GOOGLE_DASHBOARD_LINK}Google Dashboard%{END_GOOGLE_DASHBOARD_LINK}.
note: 'Message explaining to the user what will happen if they disconnect the managed profile.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_PROFILES_DISCONNECT_MANAGED_PROFILE_TEXT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_PROFILES_DISCONNECT_MANAGED_PROFILE_TEXT
‏ניתוק %{USERNAME} ינקה את ההיסטוריה, הסימניות, ההגדרות ונתוני Chromium אחרים המאוחסנים במכשיר הזה. נתונים המאוחסנים בחשבון Google לא ינוקו, וניתן לנהל אותם %{GOOGLE_DASHBOARD_LINK}במרכז השליטה של Google%{END_GOOGLE_DASHBOARD_LINK}.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 918373042641772655; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
An administrator has installed Chromium on this system, and it is available for all users. The system-level Chromium will replace your user-level installation now.
UNUSED: (is_win) == False
note: 'Error message to display when user tries to run user level Chromium even though machine level Chromium is already installed.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_MACHINE_LEVEL_INSTALL_CONFLICT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_MACHINE_LEVEL_INSTALL_CONFLICT
‏מנהל המערכת התקין Chromium במערכת זו, והוא זמין לכל המשתמשים. Chromium ברמת המערכת יחליף כעת את ההתקנה שלך ברמת המשתמש.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 9191268552238695869; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
You're now signed in to Chromium
note: 'The title of the tutorial card in the avatar menu bubble view shown when a user signs in to Chromium.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_PROFILES_CONFIRM_SIGNIN_TUTORIAL_TITLE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_PROFILES_CONFIRM_SIGNIN_TUTORIAL_TITLE
‏אתה מחובר כעת ל-Chromium
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 9197815481970649201; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
%{DOMAIN} requires that you read and accept the following Terms of Service before using this device. These terms do not expand, modify or limit the Chromium OS Terms.
UNUSED: (chromeos) == False
note: 'Subheading at the top of the Terms of Service screen.'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_TERMS_OF_SERVICE_SCREEN_SUBHEADING
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_TERMS_OF_SERVICE_SCREEN_SUBHEADING
‏%{DOMAIN} דורש שתקרא ותקבל את התנאים וההגבלות הבאים לפני שתשתמש במכשיר הזה. תנאים אלה אינם מרחיבים, משנים או מגבילים את התנאים של מערכת ההפעלה של Chromium.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 95514773681268843; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
The Chromium Authors
note: 'Company name on the about pages'
in: results/cr/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_ABOUT_VERSION_COMPANY_NAME
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_ABOUT_VERSION_COMPANY_NAME
‏מחברי Chromium
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 985602178874221306; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
For added security, Chromium will encrypt your data.
note: 'Text alerting the user that synced data is encrypted.'
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/settings_chromium_strings.grdp, as IDS_SETTINGS_SYNC_DATA_ENCRYPTED_TEXT
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.71/chrome/app/settings_chromium_strings.grdp, as IDS_SETTINGS_SYNC_DATA_ENCRYPTED_TEXT
‏לשיפור האבטחה, Chromium יצפין את הנתונים.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 2718390899429598676; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium may use %{BEGIN_LINK}web services%{END_LINK} to improve your browsing experience. You may optionally disable these services at any time.
note: 'The text in the options panel that describes how we use web services to improve browsing experience.'
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.64/chrome/app/settings_chromium_strings.grdp, as IDS_SETTINGS_IMPROVE_BROWSING_EXPERIENCE
in: upstream/cr-46.0.2490.71/chrome/app/settings_chromium_strings.grdp, as IDS_SETTINGS_IMPROVE_BROWSING_EXPERIENCE
‏Chromium יכול להשתמש ב%{BEGIN_LINK}שירותי האינטרנט%{END_LINK} לשיפור חוויית הגלישה. תוכל להשבית את השירותים האלו בכל עת.
Translated by Chad Miller
Located in id: 7090955637699162649; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium needs storage access to download files.
UNUSED: (is_android) == False
note: 'Text shown educating the user that Chrome is missing the Android storage permission, which is required to download files.'
in: upstream/cr-47.0.2526.16/chrome/app/chromium_strings.grd, as IDS_MISSING_STORAGE_PERMISSION_DOWNLOAD_EDUCATION_TEXT
(no translation yet)
Located in id: 6526111688217511984; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
Chromium cannot be displayed in this language.
note: 'The label for a language that cannot be used as the UI display language.'
in: upstream/cr-47.0.2526.16/chrome/app/settings_chromium_strings.grdp, as IDS_SETTINGS_LANGUAGES_CANNOT_BE_DISPLAYED_IN_THIS_LANGUAGE
(no translation yet)
Located in id: 1347507563453473396; intermediary: cmlpgrid v1
244253 of 258 results

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