Tonnis Oosterhoff

Translations related to Tonnis Oosterhoff

Last translation activity by Tonnis Oosterhoff was on 2013-08-25.


These are the translations that Tonnis Oosterhoff last worked on:

2013-08-25 Pandora FMS 3.0 series
2013-08-25 Pandora FMS trunk series
2013-08-25 Pandora FMS 2.0 series
2013-08-23 HomeBank trunk series
2013-08-23 Onboard 0.95 series
2013-07-17 Sudoku App trunk series
2013-05-21 TortoiseHg stable series
2013-05-21 TortoiseHg unstable series
2011-12-22 Steadyflow trunk series
2011-11-23 Chantal trunk series