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Translation Groups

Rockworld is a member of the following translation groups:
Translation group Language Translation guidelines
Launchpad Translators Japanese
Launchpad Translators Shan
Launchpad Translators Burmese
Linux Mint Portuguese
Linux Mint Persian
Linux Mint Malayalam
Linux Mint French
Linux Mint Thai
Linux Mint Arabic
Linux Mint Chinese (Traditional)
Linux Mint Korean
Linux Mint Chinese (Hong Kong)
Linux Mint Japanese
Linux Mint Khmer
Odoo Translators (MOVED TO TRANSIFEX) Thai
Ubuntu Translators English (Canada)
Ubuntu Translators Thai
Ubuntu Translators Welsh
Ubuntu Translators Divehi
Ubuntu Translators Burmese
Ubuntu Translators Tibetan
Ubuntu Translators Bosnian
Ubuntu Translators Urdu
Ubuntu Translators Khmer
Ubuntu Translators Shan
WordPress in Launchpad Divehi