Translations related to Philipp Wolfer

Last translation activity by Philipp Wolfer was on 2017-11-18.


These are the translations that Philipp Wolfer last worked on:

2017-11-18 deja-dup source package in Bionic
2017-10-19 Alternative-Toolbar trunk series
2017-07-28 Déjà Dup 36 series
2010-12-21 Do Plugins trunk series
2010-12-21 lrcShow-X 1-series series
2010-12-21 bzr-gedit trunk series
2009-12-12 sound-juicer source package in Hardy
2009-10-05 lrcShow-X 2-series series
2009-06-08 Déjà Dup 10 series
2009-06-08 Déjà Dup 18 series