Translations related to Alex-P. Natsios

Last translation activity by Alex-P. Natsios was on 2012-08-17.


These are the translations that Alex-P. Natsios last worked on:

2012-08-17 emesene trunk series
2012-08-17 emesene 1.0.x series
2010-12-21 Terminator trunk series
2010-12-21 PyRoom trunk series
2010-12-21 PyRoom 0.3 series
2010-12-21 Get-You get-you-gui series
2010-12-21 ufw 0.27-jaunty series
2010-02-23 GNOME MPlayer trunk series
2010-02-07 PulseAudio Mixer Applet trunk series
2009-12-11 gnome-desktop source package in Jaunty