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The following parameters will be substituted
in the command when it is executed:
<b>%f</b> the page source as a temporary file
<b>%d</b> the attachment directory of the current page
<b>%s</b> the real page source file (if any)
<b>%p</b> the page name
<b>%n</b> the notebook location (file or folder)
<b>%D</b> the document root (if any)
<b>%t</b> the selected text or word under cursor
<b>%T</b> the selected text including wiki formatting
Short help text in "Edit Custom Tool" dialog. The "%" is literal - please include the html formatting
There are line breaks here. Each one represents a line break. Start a new line in the equivalent position in the translation.
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/customtools.py:192
Link files under document root with full file path
radio option in export dialog
(no translation yet)
Translated and reviewed by jo cun on 2017-11-15
Located in zim/gui/exportdialog.py:226
Menu title
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/__init__.py:74
Search this section
Menu item for search a sub-set of the notebook
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/__init__.py:1117
Check Checkbox '>'
popup menu menuitem
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5811
Check Checkbox 'X'
popup menu menuitem
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5812
Check Checkbox 'V'
popup menu menuitem
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5813
Un-check Checkbox
popup menu menuitem |
Menu item
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5814 zim/gui/pageview.py:5856
Toggle Checkbox '>'
Menu item
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5880
Horizontal _Line
Menu item for Insert menu
(no translation yet)
Located in zim/gui/pageview.py:5949
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