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When selected, all selected players will attempt to synchronise the output (Supported on Android player only)
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Located in cache/3d/3dd387b6105c512e1d7d2a0fc64b41964c38428ec8af6c2950944c85f6e13e77.php:331 cache/7d/7d2daffb6294004e4d1346823bb1dc4575d25964831ff535161bfc58fb85872a.php:412 cache/6d/6d739ce4d7c2faf88202dd4f62ee75f4f0127885da4d3a1c425f7dc24d43ec08.php:438
Show Layouts active on the selected Display / Display Group
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Located in cache/56/563a8ff5556168179bb590f7ebfd0d7e8c24914d6c914e67938de1a13adc6461.php:187
Are you sure you want to delete this report schedule? This cannot be undone
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Located in cache/4c/4c3090a007c8e4e37d552f089a012bac6041c54984dba3c24babea55d54ab95a.php:84 cache/04/046351c26fb24c467c000183d6bd56dcdda5f709bf5848b6268598606c489a79.php:84
The substitution [DisplayId] can be used in filter clauses and will be substituted at run time with the Display ID. When shown in the CMS it will be substituted with 0.
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Located in cache/0d/0da21c35dc3c0b5988e44df104c368ce4b32adecd4be9b2880ad97e3fcb7a193.php:640 cache/99/998eebcafc48f428af2fb2c0d28163b581e0b556f73a5a6d9798e5c2b0740087.php:791
Are you sure you want to cancel this CMS transfer? This is only possible if the Display has not already transferred.
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Located in cache/e0/e0d2f65c20f585d5741ea0a005b963f478db9a5c7701051f3fba3bbb1f4167bb.php:84
Are you sure you want to delete this recurring event? Clicking Yes will delete this event from <b>all</b> displays.
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Located in cache/e0/e0b4ce49c35808b366ba62e275068c470e787ff7bdb84b79df825478dbd4feb6.php:91
The countdown will show in a warning mode from the end duration entered.
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Located in cache/a4/a4809dfa15af49425b7b0dc1433617599319380ec3abef29724e21837b67b6f3.php:260
The countdown will show in a warning mode from the warning date entered.
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Located in cache/a4/a4809dfa15af49425b7b0dc1433617599319380ec3abef29724e21837b67b6f3.php:275
Enter a format for the Countdown e.g. [hha], [hh], [mm], [ss] or [DD]. See the manual for more information.
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Located in cache/a4/a4809dfa15af49425b7b0dc1433617599319380ec3abef29724e21837b67b6f3.php:364
Give the JSON-path in the remote data for the value that you want to fill this column. This path should be relative to the DataRoot configured on the DataSet.
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Located in cache/c3/c3227fe5d1e57b67b50bfbd879f4dc44811cce46070a19c24414de93c900fe18.php:189 cache/f1/f1aa87b1a41786645fca1b620fbc984afb609c79238cb40acad50d1d3b6927e6.php:189
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