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Server Key
(no translation yet)
Located in cache/a4/a4442a2efa5e7dd3a7f2c6258e93405e65f5a35b0cbd1d23e01ebd249cde7e69.php:85
Download Window Start Time
(no translation yet)
Located in cache/91/91788867d4c835c02bb8eaa66b65ccd07d29c79bc4d41f1afa1d8b6d3239a9cf.php:130 cache/c2/c2b74453fcc5291fdccc61f85465d3c55e01e8f617ce06c70880b838337b9644.php:142 cache/ed/edd28235b9bf70951465a746301ab1270c19d3af215bdf45aa85215096e21cb6.php:181 cache/ee/ee7d26c064102fc0c20128379a8011ed19bcf6b4c61c6a656771d30861f7dd18.php:166
Download Window End Time
(no translation yet)
Located in cache/91/91788867d4c835c02bb8eaa66b65ccd07d29c79bc4d41f1afa1d8b6d3239a9cf.php:141 cache/c2/c2b74453fcc5291fdccc61f85465d3c55e01e8f617ce06c70880b838337b9644.php:153 cache/ed/edd28235b9bf70951465a746301ab1270c19d3af215bdf45aa85215096e21cb6.php:192 cache/ee/ee7d26c064102fc0c20128379a8011ed19bcf6b4c61c6a656771d30861f7dd18.php:177
A file exists with the name you gave for the Library Location. Please choose another location
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Helper/Install.php:304
Could not create the Library Location directory for you. Please ensure the webserver has permission to create a folder in this location, or create the folder manually and grant permission for the webserver to write to the folder.
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Helper/Install.php:310
The Library Location you gave is not writable by the webserver. Please fix the permissions and try again.
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Helper/Install.php:316
The Library Location you gave is not empty. Please give the location of an empty folder
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Helper/Install.php:320
Maintenance Disabled
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Controller/Maintenance.php:111
Maintenance tasks are disabled at the moment. Please enable them in the "Settings" dialog.
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Controller/Maintenance.php:112
Maintenance key invalid.
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/Controller/Maintenance.php:142
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