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Pad - use the first Playlist to pad any remaining Spots
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Located in cache/4f/4fb81677206f452bbb2877dd742c7dba66155b59626d5e64d0c5ac024f31d105.php:57
Optionally set Spot options to expand or shrink each Playlist to a particular size or duration. Leave the Spot options empty to use the count of Widgets in each Playlist.
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Located in cache/3c/3c7a0b4687b17cfa68042a3197edc2cae7e4e4b1f5874f124034b241b6da6bca.php:92
Setting Spots to 0 will omit the first Playlist from the play order, and will be used as a Spot Fill option.
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Located in cache/3c/3c7a0b4687b17cfa68042a3197edc2cae7e4e4b1f5874f124034b241b6da6bca.php:102
How many spots would you like on this Sub-Playlist? This is used before ordering to expand or shrink the list to the specified size. Leave empty to use the count of Widgets.
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Located in cache/3c/3c7a0b4687b17cfa68042a3197edc2cae7e4e4b1f5874f124034b241b6da6bca.php:120
Default the checkbox for updating media on all layouts when editing in the library
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:326
Default the checkbox for making duplicates of media when copying layouts
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:349
Default the checkbox for Deleting Old Version of media when a new file is being uploaded to the library.
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:372
Default for "Cascade permissions to all items underneath this one." checkbox. Shown when editing Permissions.
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:413
Default the checkbox for "Cascade permissions to all items underneath this one." when assigning permisions to content
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:418
The maximum dimensions to be considered when an image is resized, based on the longest side
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Located in cache/a6/a6092e66d2389821b6a4c5fe7498c523f98673ba97b347afe7a7dc990f0c4e28.php:570
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