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Current Password
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Please enter your current password
Lütfen mevcut şifrenizi giriniz
Translated by Fatih BURAL on 2019-06-12
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Please enter your new password
Lütfen yeni şifrenizi giriniz
Translated by Fatih BURAL on 2019-06-12
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Please repeat the new Password.
Lütfen şifreyi tekrarlayınız.
Translated by Fatih BURAL on 2019-06-12
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Change Password
Şifreyi Değiştir
Translated and reviewed by Beeroot on 2013-02-16
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Password Changed
Şifre Değiştirildi
Translated and reviewed by Buğra Gedikoğlu on 2013-04-09
Located in lib/Controller/User.php:1255
The new Password for this user.
Bu kullanıcı için yeni parola.
Translated by Fatih BURAL on 2019-06-12
Located in cache/b8/b811e3f0d0fabf291e123f7fb72c2771d2be55692c99ce7755de31637cf5c933.php:156
Repeat the new Password for this user.
Bu kullanıcı için yeni Şifreyi tekrarlayın.
Translated and reviewed by Talip ÇAKIR on 2020-05-08
Located in cache/b8/b811e3f0d0fabf291e123f7fb72c2771d2be55692c99ce7755de31637cf5c933.php:171
Trying to change the password for another user denied
Başka kullanıcının parolasını değiştirme işlemi engellendi
Translated and reviewed by Cengiz Cakici on 2014-01-15
Located in lib/pages/user.class.php:752
The column mappings you have provided are invalid. Please ensure you have the correct DataSetColumnIDs.
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