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What is this users type?
Kullanıcı Türü Nedir?
Translated by Fatih BURAL on 2019-06-12
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User Type
Kullanıcı Türü
Translated and reviewed by Buğra Gedikoğlu on 2013-04-14
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What is the initial user group for this user?
Bu kullanıcı için başlangıç kullanıcı grubu nedir?
Translated and reviewed by Avni on 2014-12-09
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Initial User Group
İlk Kullanıcı Grubu
Translated and reviewed by Cengiz Cakici on 2014-01-25
Located in cache/da/da8cc57bb72879efb16d31d39c64df16ee68263555dc7c791dbeea7b12b4faad.php:225
You may not be able to delete this user if they have associated content. You can retire users by using the Edit Button.
(no translation yet)
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The Email for this user.
Bu kullanıcı için e-posta.
Translated and reviewed by Cengiz Cakici on 2014-07-09
Located in server/theme/default/html/user_form_edit.php:37
Is this user retired?
Bu kullanıcı devre dışı mı ?
Translated and reviewed by Cengiz Cakici on 2014-07-09
Located in cache/41/411e5ad7eeedb0b777c18f1d235897bf9b2a4855e4bfb9b4e981e8da78f7de2a.php:302
View my authenticated applications
Doğrulanmış uygulamaları görüntüle
Translated and reviewed by Talip ÇAKIR on 2020-05-08
Located in cache/9d/9d4712da982c01ccc2c40c7c08df70e216f196c7b285fa24ff3a41cba427fe97.php:95
Add a new User
Yeni Kullanıcı ekle
Translated and reviewed by Talip ÇAKIR on 2020-05-08
Located in cache/9d/9d4712da982c01ccc2c40c7c08df70e216f196c7b285fa24ff3a41cba427fe97.php:85
Add User
Kullanıcı Ekle
Translated and reviewed by Cengiz Cakici on 2009-06-06
Located in cache/9d/9d4712da982c01ccc2c40c7c08df70e216f196c7b285fa24ff3a41cba427fe97.php:89 cache/da/da8cc57bb72879efb16d31d39c64df16ee68263555dc7c791dbeea7b12b4faad.php:57
13111320 of 1320 results

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