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Welcome to the Xibo Installer!
Bienvenue dans l'outil d'installation de Xibo !
Translated and reviewed by Nicolas GELUGNE on 2011-04-29
Located in server/install.php:68
The installer will take you through setting up Xibo one step at a time.
Cet outil d'installation va vous permettre de configurer Xibo étape par étape.
Translated and reviewed by Nicolas GELUGNE on 2011-04-29
Located in server/install.php:69
Lets get started!
Commençons !
Translated and reviewed by Damien Laureaux on 2009-06-03
Located in server/install.php:70 server/upgrade.php:98
Translated and reviewed by lbeyaert on 2009-05-20
Located in cache/00/00fa7f62a3844683a5464e27ae852b8980fe6ed46491d7d765b79fba528481c3.php:115 cache/63/6325ff94072534c10b90907ee89ecf776c596886328955fa205116144aeb7b1b.php:68 cache/7d/7d2daffb6294004e4d1346823bb1dc4575d25964831ff535161bfc58fb85872a.php:73 cache/a7/a7df2a942f7b7b3f01189a98ca3fd1b30e154673997b8eb71275983a5a749c66.php:79 cache/aa/aa8a51408d38741ee733683de20dcf6fe4e5fdee3f25d409376f7883a166ec2e.php:90 cache/84/84e93e73d20fcd4e242e09401c85153a48677a727c7880fbe3c1308629b8873a.php:60 cache/f2/f2ec4f0fdaa5e9ab1aba900a88c4cfcb333368e9bf020715f2031762c3d6f32f.php:546 cache/54/54fd26b08213a96a70a9937e5421bb0c055f5d2b80a8b244677c6064e08313d5.php:273 cache/6e/6edc2480a6f53818fabe624e7de213107c308d3ff467beb2dbf15d1d0913e44f.php:330 cache/6e/6edc2480a6f53818fabe624e7de213107c308d3ff467beb2dbf15d1d0913e44f.php:364 cache/6e/6edc2480a6f53818fabe624e7de213107c308d3ff467beb2dbf15d1d0913e44f.php:402 cache/6e/6edc2480a6f53818fabe624e7de213107c308d3ff467beb2dbf15d1d0913e44f.php:492 cache/6e/6edc2480a6f53818fabe624e7de213107c308d3ff467beb2dbf15d1d0913e44f.php:528 cache/06/06bdeb5efd5447d5449da697f68dd618de41366240d63911d86e320fd966ba49.php:192 cache/06/06bdeb5efd5447d5449da697f68dd618de41366240d63911d86e320fd966ba49.php:208 cache/67/672a7858963c560fc2718c9f7a79f6f54f96cf05b1f0fc5d4b14c7afb337a4b5.php:100
First we need to check if your server meets Xibo's requirements.
Pour commencer, nous devons vérifier si votre serveur correspond aux pré-requis de Xibo.
Translated by Christoph Pitteloud on 2013-06-24
Reviewed by Rémi Carayon on 2013-12-23
Located in server/install.php:82 server/upgrade.php:178
Tester de nouveau
Translated by bernard gauch on 2009-07-04
Reviewed by Newcaledo on 2013-05-20
Located in cache/06/06bdeb5efd5447d5449da697f68dd618de41366240d63911d86e320fd966ba49.php:162 cache/06/06bdeb5efd5447d5449da697f68dd618de41366240d63911d86e320fd966ba49.php:179
Xibo needs to setup a new database.
Xibo a besoin de créer une nouvelle base de données
Translated and reviewed by Fream on 2014-03-06
Located in server/install.php:121
If you have not yet created an empty database and database user for Xibo to use, and know the username/password of a MySQL administrator, click the "Create New" button, otherwise click "Use Existing".
Si vous n'avez pas créé une nouvelle base de données vide pour accueillir Xibo et que vous avez les droits d'administrateur sur votre serveur MySQL, cliquez sur le bouton "Créer une nouvelle base", autrement cliquez sur "Utiliser une base existante".
Translated and reviewed by Jean-Yves on 2015-01-19
Located in server/install.php:122
Note that any existing database must be empty
Attention, la base de données existante doit être vide.
Translated by Sylvain on 2011-05-03
Reviewed by Antoine Bajard on 2014-03-04
Located in server/install.php:123
Create New
Créer une nouvelle base de données
Translated and reviewed by tkmel on 2013-11-21
Located in server/install.php:127
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