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Welcome to the Xibo Installer!
به زیبو خوش آمدید
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:68
The installer will take you through setting up Xibo one step at a time.
برنامه نصب به شما کمک خواهد کرد تا با راه اندازي زيبو، به تدريج و قدم به قدم با عملکرد آن آشنا شويد
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:69
Lets get started!
بياييد شروع کنيم
Translated and reviewed by ali yazdi
Located in server/install.php:70 server/upgrade.php:98
Translated and reviewed by ali yazdi
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First we need to check if your server meets Xibo's requirements.
در ابتدا لازم است سرور شما جهت نيازمندي هاي اولیه نصب زيبو بررسی شود
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:82 server/upgrade.php:178
امتحان مجدد
Translated and reviewed by ali yazdi
Located in cache/11/11bc8709de5d6f614ddfe9621d55b2abc706e30f9a9f61478998f6e3fbdac3e7.php:171 cache/11/11bc8709de5d6f614ddfe9621d55b2abc706e30f9a9f61478998f6e3fbdac3e7.php:188
Xibo needs to setup a new database.
لازم است که زيبو يک پايگاه داده جديدي را ایجاد نمايد
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:121
If you have not yet created an empty database and database user for Xibo to use, and know the username/password of a MySQL administrator, click the "Create New" button, otherwise click "Use Existing".
اگر شما هنوز يک پايگاه داده خالي و نيز يک کاربر پايگاه داده براي استفاده زيبو درست نکرده ايد؛ ولی نام کاربري/رمز عبور يک مدير MYSQL را مي دانيد ، بر روي دگمه {جديد بسازيد} کليک کنيد. در غير اينصورت ، بر روي دگمه {استفاده از اطلاعات موجود} کليک نماييد
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:122
Note that any existing database must be empty
توجه کنيد که هرگونه پايگاه داده موجود، بايد خالي از هرگونه جدولی باشد.
Translated and reviewed by Reza Neyzan
Located in server/install.php:123
Create New
جديد بسازيد
Translated and reviewed by ali yazdi
Located in server/install.php:127
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