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Welcome to the Xibo Installer!
Us donem la benvinguda a l'instal·lador de Xibo!
Translated and reviewed by JRC
Located in server/install.php:68
The installer will take you through setting up Xibo one step at a time.
L'instal·lador us guiarà en la configuració de Xibo pas a pas.
Translated and reviewed by JRC
Located in server/install.php:69
Lets get started!
Translated by dbm
Reviewed by Daniel S. G.
Located in server/install.php:70 server/upgrade.php:98
Translated and reviewed by dbm
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First we need to check if your server meets Xibo's requirements.
En primer lloc devem verificar si el vostre servidor reuneix els requeriments de Xibo
Translated by dbm
Reviewed by Daniel S. G.
Located in server/install.php:82 server/upgrade.php:178
Provant de nou
Translated by dbm
Reviewed by Daniel S. G.
Located in cache/11/11bc8709de5d6f614ddfe9621d55b2abc706e30f9a9f61478998f6e3fbdac3e7.php:171 cache/11/11bc8709de5d6f614ddfe9621d55b2abc706e30f9a9f61478998f6e3fbdac3e7.php:188
Xibo needs to setup a new database.
Xibo necessita configurar una nova base de dades
Translated by dbm
Reviewed by Daniel S. G.
Located in server/install.php:121
If you have not yet created an empty database and database user for Xibo to use, and know the username/password of a MySQL administrator, click the "Create New" button, otherwise click "Use Existing".
Si encara no heu creat una base de dades buida i un usuari per ser utilitzats per Xibo, i sabeu l'usuari/contrasenya d'un administrador de MySQL, feu clic al botó "Crear nova". En cas contrari, feu clic a "Utilitzar existent".
Translated and reviewed by JRC
Located in server/install.php:122
Note that any existing database must be empty
Teniu en compte que en cas de base existent, cal que estigui buida
Translated and reviewed by JRC
Located in server/install.php:123
Create New
Translated and reviewed by Daniel S. G.
Located in server/install.php:127
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