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--bind-address=ADDR bind to ADDR (hostname or IP) on local host
-t, --tries=NUMBER set retry count to NUMBER (-1 means infinite)
-nc, --dont-continue do not resume partially-uploaded files
-u, --reupload do not skip already completed files
--skip-larger do not upload files if remote size is larger
--skip-existing do not upload files that exist remotely
-N, --timestamping don't re-upload files unless newer than remote
-T, --timeout=10th-SECONDS set various timeouts to 10th-SECONDS
-w, --wait=10th-SECONDS wait 10th-SECONDS between uploads. (default: 0)
--random-wait wait from 0...2*WAIT secs between uploads.
--waitretry=SECONDS wait SECONDS between retries of an upload
-l, --limit-rate=RATE limit upload rate to RATE
-nd, --no-directories do not create any directories
-Y, --proxy=http/socks/off set proxy type or turn off
--proxy-user=NAME set the proxy-username to NAME
--proxy-pass=PASS set the proxy-password to PASS

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Located in src/wput.c:792
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Contributors to this translation: Antonio Carlos Gomes, Diogo Kollross, Itamar Reis Peixoto, Thaynã Moretti, Vitor Góis Ferreira.