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Nice And Easy Does It All the Time
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I am sorry, but will I have to tear this down again. We might need the space here later on. If I am too slow for you, you might want to play a real game and just find everything out for yourself. Otherwise, please bear with me, I am not the youngest and quickest anymore.
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Welcome to the Widelands Tutorial!
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Welcome to Widelands!
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Widelands is a slow-paced build-up strategy game with an emphasis on construction, not destruction. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of the game.
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Dismiss this box by left-clicking on the button below.
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Diving In
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Let’s dive right in!
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There are three different tribes in Widelands: the Barbarians, the Empire and the Atlanteans. All tribes have a different economy, strength and weaknesses, but the general gameplay is the same for all. We will play the barbarians for now.
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You will usually start the game with one headquarters. This is the big building with the blue flag in front of it. The headquarters is a warehouse that stores wares, workers and soldiers. Some wares are needed for building houses, others for making other wares. Obviously, the wares in the headquarters will not last forever, so you must make sure to replace them. The most important wares in the early game are the basic construction wares: logs and raw stone. Let’s make sure that we do not run out of logs. For this, we need a lumberjack and a hut for him to stay in.
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