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Whether the image-manipulating modes should load image files.
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Located in ../driver/demo-Gtk-widgets.c:1201 ../driver/xscreensaver-demo.glade2.h:56
The local directory, RSS feed or Atom feed from which images will be randomly chosen.
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Located in ../driver/demo-Gtk-widgets.c:1236 ../driver/xscreensaver-demo.glade2.h:58
Whether the monitor should be powered off immediately in "Blank Screen Only" mode, regardless of the above power-management timeouts.
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Located in ../driver/xscreensaver-demo.glade2.h:81
_Quick Power-off in Blank Only Mode
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Located in ../driver/xscreensaver-demo.glade2.h:82
Anemotaxis demonstrates a search algorithm designed for locating a source of odor in turbulent atmosphere. The searcher is able to sense the odor and determine local instantaneous wind direction. The goal is to find the source in the shortest mean time. Written by Eugene Balkovsky; 2004.
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Located in ../hacks/config/anemotaxis.xml.h:13
This screen saver was removed from the XScreenSaver distribution as of version 4.22. A cellular automaton that is really a two-dimensional Turing machine: as the heads ("ants") walk along the screen, they change pixel values in their path. Then, as they pass over changed pixels, their behavior is influenced. Written by David Bagley; 1997.
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Located in ../hacks/config/ant.xml.h:24
Simulates an original Apple ][ Plus computer in all its 1979 glory. It also reproduces the appearance of display on a color television set of the period. In "Basic Programming Mode", a simulated user types in a BASIC program and runs it. In "Text Mode", it displays the output of a program, or the contents of a file or URL. In "Slideshow Mode", it chooses random images and displays them within the limitations of the Apple ][ display hardware. (Six available colors in hi-res mode!) This program is also a fully-functional VT100 emulator! Run it as an application instead of as a screen saver and you can use it as a terminal. Written by Trevor Blackwell; 2003.
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Located in ../hacks/config/apple2.xml.h:7
This bouncing ball is a clone of the first graphics demo for the Amiga 1000, which was written by Dale Luck and RJ Mical during a break at the 1984 Consumer Electronics Show (or so the legend goes.) This looks like the original Amiga demo if you turn off "smoothing" and "lighting" and turn on "scanlines", and is somewhat more modern otherwise. Written by Jamie Zawinski; 2005.
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Located in ../hacks/config/boing.xml.h:15
Peek at underlying images
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Translated by Gabor Kelemen on 2008-01-15
Located in ../hacks/config/boxfit.xml.h:14
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Located in ../hacks/config/bsod.xml.h:11
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