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Usage: %s [OPTION]... [FILE]...

-h, --help help
--version print current version
-l, --list-devices list all soundcards and digital audio devices
-L, --list-pcms list device names
-D, --device=NAME select PCM by name
-q, --quiet quiet mode
-t, --file-type TYPE file type (voc, wav, raw or au)
-c, --channels=# channels
-f, --format=FORMAT sample format (case insensitive)
-r, --rate=# sample rate
-d, --duration=# interrupt after # seconds
-M, --mmap mmap stream
-N, --nonblock nonblocking mode
-F, --period-time=# distance between interrupts is # microseconds
-B, --buffer-time=# buffer duration is # microseconds
--period-size=# distance between interrupts is # frames
--buffer-size=# buffer duration is # frames
-A, --avail-min=# min available space for wakeup is # microseconds
-R, --start-delay=# delay for automatic PCM start is # microseconds
(relative to buffer size if <= 0)
-T, --stop-delay=# delay for automatic PCM stop is # microseconds from xrun
-v, --verbose show PCM structure and setup (accumulative)
-V, --vumeter=TYPE enable VU meter (TYPE: mono or stereo)
-I, --separate-channels one file for each channel
-i, --interactive allow interactive operation from stdin
-m, --chmap=ch1,ch2,.. Give the channel map to override or follow
--disable-resample disable automatic rate resample
--disable-channels disable automatic channel conversions
--disable-format disable automatic format conversions
--disable-softvol disable software volume control (softvol)
--test-position test ring buffer position
--test-coef=# test coefficient for ring buffer position (default 8)
expression for validation is: coef * (buffer_size / 2)
--test-nowait do not wait for ring buffer - eats whole CPU
--max-file-time=# start another output file when the old file has recorded
for this many seconds
--process-id-file write the process ID here
--use-strftime apply the strftime facility to the output file name
--dump-hw-params dump hw_params of the device
--fatal-errors treat all errors as fatal
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Located in aplay/aplay.c:202
84 of 307 results

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