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%s is owned by uid %u, should be %u
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/util/sudo_conf.c:669 src/copy_file.c:162
%s is world writable
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/util/sudo_conf.c:673
%s is group writable
(no translation yet)
Located in lib/util/sudo_conf.c:676
unable to open %s
(no translation yet)
Located in src/selinux.c:194 src/selinux.c:207 src/sudo.c:323
Unknown signal
(no translation yet)
Located in compat/strsignal.c:47
policy plugin failed session initialization
(no translation yet)
Located in src/exec_nopty.c:352 src/exec_pty.c:1402
unable to fork
(no translation yet)
Located in src/exec.c:125 src/exec_pty.c:573 src/exec_pty.c:880 src/tgetpass.c:224
unable to add event to queue
(no translation yet)
Located in src/exec_monitor.c:463 src/exec_monitor.c:471 src/exec_monitor.c:479 src/exec_monitor.c:486 src/exec_monitor.c:493 src/exec_monitor.c:500 src/exec_monitor.c:507 src/exec_monitor.c:514 src/exec_monitor.c:521 src/exec_monitor.c:528 src/exec_nopty.c:214 src/exec_nopty.c:223 src/exec_nopty.c:230 src/exec_nopty.c:237 src/exec_nopty.c:244 src/exec_nopty.c:251 src/exec_nopty.c:258 src/exec_nopty.c:265 src/exec_nopty.c:272 src/exec_nopty.c:279 src/exec_nopty.c:286 src/exec_nopty.c:293 src/exec_nopty.c:301 src/exec_pty.c:700 src/exec_pty.c:705 src/exec_pty.c:802 src/exec_pty.c:809 src/exec_pty.c:906 src/exec_pty.c:1227 src/exec_pty.c:1236 src/exec_pty.c:1243 src/exec_pty.c:1250 src/exec_pty.c:1257 src/exec_pty.c:1264 src/exec_pty.c:1271 src/exec_pty.c:1278 src/exec_pty.c:1285 src/exec_pty.c:1292 src/exec_pty.c:1299 src/exec_pty.c:1700 src/exec_pty.c:1710 src/exec_pty.c:1755 src/exec_pty.c:1762 src/exec_pty.c:1789
unable to create sockets
(no translation yet)
Located in src/exec.c:246
error in event loop
(no translation yet)
Located in src/exec_nopty.c:429 src/exec_pty.c:1639
2130 of 166 results

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