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parsechangelog - parse Debian changelogs and output them in other formats
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:22
--help, -h print usage information
--version, -V print version information
--file, -l <file> changelog file to parse, defaults
to 'debian/changelog'
-F<changelogformat> ignored if changelogformat = 'debian'
for compatibility with dpkg-dev
-L<libdir> ignored for compatibility with dpkg-dev
--format <outputformat> see man page for list of available
output formats, defaults to 'dpkg'
for compatibility with dpkg-dev
--since, -s, -v <version> include all changes later than version
--until, -u <version> include all changes earlier than version
--from, -f <version> include all changes equal or later
than version
--to, -t <version> include all changes up to or equal
than version
--count, -c, -n <number> include <number> entries from the top
(or the tail if <number> is lower than 0)
--offset, -o <number> change the starting point for --count,
counted from the top (or the tail if
<number> is lower than 0)
--all include all changes

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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:28
If neither C<changelogfile> nor C<-l E<lt>fileE<gt>> are specified, F<debian/changelog> will be used. If two different files are specified the program will abort.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:52
If the filename is C<-> the program reads the changelog from standard input.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:56
C<--all> overrides all other range selecting options. C<--count> overrides all other range selection options except for C<--all>. The range selecting options can be mixed together, but only one of C<--since> and C<--from> and one of C<--until> and C<--to> can be specified at the same time.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:59
The dpkg and rfc822 formats default to showing only the first entry when no other options are given with while the HTML and XML formats default to showing all entries.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:65
For a more extensive documentation of the range selecting options and some (hopefully enlightening) examples see L<Parse::DebianChangelog/"COMMON OUTPUT OPTIONS">.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:69
parsechangelog parses Debian changelogs as described in the Debian policy (version at the time of this writing) and converts them to other output formats. See section L<"SEE ALSO"> for locations where to find the full format definition.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:75
The output formats supported are currently:
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:80
Format as known from L<dpkg-parsechangelog(1)>. All requested entries (see L<"SYNOPSIS"> on how to select specific entries) are returned in the usual Debian control format, merged in one stanza, ready to be used in a F<.changes> file.
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Located in ../bin/parsechangelog:86
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