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Usage: escputil [-c | -n | -a | -i | -e | -s | -d | -l | -M]
[-P printer | -r device] [-u] [-q] [-m model] [ -S ]
[-C choices] [-p patterns]
Perform maintenance on EPSON Stylus (R) printers.
Examples: escputil --ink-level --raw-device /dev/usb/lp0
escputil --clean-head --new --printer-name MyQueue

-c|--clean-head Clean the print head.
-n|--nozzle-check Print a nozzle test pattern.
Dirty or clogged nozzles will show as gaps in the
pattern. If you see any gaps, you should clean
the print head.
-a|--align-head Align the print head. CAUTION: Misuse of this
utility may result in poor print quality and/or
damage to the printer.
-s|--status Retrieve printer status.
-i|--ink-level Obtain the ink level from the printer. This requires
read/write access to the raw printer device.
-e|--extended-ink-info Obtain the extended ink information from the
printer. This requires read/write access to the raw
printer device.
-d|--identify Query the printer for make and model information.
This requires read/write access to the raw printer
-l|--license Display the license/warranty terms of this program.
-M|--list-models List the available printer models.
-h|--help Print this help message.
-P|--printer-name Specify the name of the printer queue to operate on.
Default is the default system printer.
-r|--raw-device Specify the name of the device to write to directly
rather than going through a printer queue.
-m|--model Specify the printer model.
-u|--new The printer is a new printer (Stylus Color 740 or
newer). Only needed when not using a raw device or
when the model is not specified.
-q|--quiet Suppress the banner.
-S|--short-name Print the short name of the printer with --identify.
-C|--choices Specify the number of pattern choices for alignment
-p|--patterns Specify the number of sets of patterns for alignment
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Canon 50i
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Canon 450i
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Canon 470PD
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Canon 475PD
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Canon 550i
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Canon 560i
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Canon 850i
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