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Online Help
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:49(title)
The <ulink url="">Ubuntu Official Documentation website</ulink> contains <abbrev>HTML</abbrev> and <abbrev>PDF</abbrev> versions of this guide, and other guides produced by the <trademark>Ubuntu</trademark> Documentation Team for <trademark>Ubuntu</trademark> and <trademark>Kubuntu</trademark>.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:57(para)
The <ulink url=""><trademark>Ubuntu</trademark> Community Help Wiki</ulink> contains many other community-maintained guides.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:65(para)
The <ulink url=""><trademark>Kubuntu</trademark></ulink> and <ulink url=""><trademark>Ubuntu</trademark></ulink> Community Forums are for asking questions and getting answers from the forum community.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:71(para)
Much software in Kubuntu is provided by <trademark>KDE</trademark>, so it is useful to ask for help on the <ulink url=""><trademark>KDE</trademark> forums</ulink>.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:78(para)
<ulink url=""><trademark>Kubuntu</trademark> User's Mailing List</ulink> provides a way to ask questions by email, and receive answers from the mailing list community.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:84(para)
The #kubuntu <abbrev>IRC</abbrev> channel on offers a way to chat in real-time with other members of the <trademark>Kubuntu</trademark> community.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:91(para)
The <ulink url="">Kubuntu home page</ulink> gives you the latest news about <trademark>Kubuntu</trademark>.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:97(para)
There are many online resources for finding help with <trademark>Kubuntu</trademark>. Besides the following, a simple <trademark>Google</trademark> search will usually yield a decent amount of help. With any of these resources, it's a good idea to search thoroughly rather than implementing the first suggestion discovered. <placeholder-1/>
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:50(para)
For more information, visit the <ulink url="">How to Get Help</ulink> wiki page.
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Located in docs/support/C/support.xml:104(para)
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