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<placeholder-1/> Documentation Project
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Canonical Ltd. and members of the <placeholder-1/>
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The <placeholder-1/> Documentation Project
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This documentation alphabetically lists the software development applications available in the <trademark>Kubuntu</trademark> repository and gives a brief description of each, written at the beginner's level.
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Since the line between text editors (<abbrev>TE</abbrev>), Integrated Development Environments (<abbrev>IDE</abbrev>) and Graphical User Interface Rapid Application Development (<acronym>GUI</acronym><acronym>RAD</acronym>) tools have blurred with the inclusion of plugin technologies in nearly all of the tools, those dichotomies have become less significant. Therefore, the tools will be presented in alphabetical order.
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Bluefish Editor - Web Development Editor
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Home page: <ulink url=""></ulink>
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<application>Bluefish</application> is a powerful editor targeted toward programmers and web designers, with many options to write websites, scripts, and programming code. <application>Bluefish</application> supports many programming and markup languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. <application>Bluefish</application> is an open source development project released under the <trademark>GNU</trademark><abbrev>GPL</abbrev> license. <application>Bluefish</application> runs on most (possibly all) POSIX-compatible operating systems including <trademark>Linux</trademark>, <trademark>FreeBSD</trademark>, <trademark>Mac OS X</trademark>, <trademark>OpenBSD</trademark>, and <trademark>Windows</trademark>. <application>Bluefish</application> supports 16 of the most commonly used languages and scripting tools, and is among the full-featured <abbrev>IDE</abbrev>s available. It specializes in being very fast and offers a huge multi-document capability. Some tools do web development and some are simple coding <abbrev>IDE</abbrev>s. <application>Bluefish</application> can do both at once on multiple projects and keep them separate.
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Boa Constructor - <abbrev>IDE</abbrev> for <trademark>Python</trademark> and wxWindows
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Home page: <ulink url=""></ulink>
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