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add Add specified files or directories.
alias Set/unset and display aliases.
annotate Show the origin of each line in a file.
bash-completion Generate a shell function for bash command line completion.
bind Convert the current branch into a checkout of the supplied
branch Create a new branch that is a copy of an existing branch.
branches List the branches available at the current location.
break-lock Break a dead lock.
cat Write the contents of a file as of a given revision to
standard output.
check Validate working tree structure, branch consistency and
repository history.
checkout Create a new checkout of an existing branch.
clean-tree Remove unwanted files from working tree.
commit Commit changes into a new revision.
config Display, set or remove a configuration option.
conflicts List files with conflicts.
deleted List files deleted in the working tree.
diff Show differences in the working tree, between revisions or
dpush Push into a different VCS without any custom bzr metadata.
export Export current or past revision to a destination directory or
help Show help on a command or other topic.
ignore Ignore specified files or patterns.
ignored List ignored files and the patterns that matched them.
info Show information about a working tree, branch or repository.
init Make a directory into a versioned branch.
init-repository Create a shared repository for branches to share storage
join Combine a tree into its containing tree.
launchpad-login Show or set the Launchpad user ID. [launchpad]
launchpad-mirror Ask Launchpad to mirror a branch now. [launchpad]
launchpad-open Open a Launchpad branch page in your web browser. [launchpad]
log Show historical log for a branch or subset of a branch.
lp-find-proposal Find the proposal to merge this revision. [launchpad]
lp-propose-merge Propose merging a branch on Launchpad. [launchpad]
ls List files in a tree.
merge Perform a three-way merge.
missing Show unmerged/unpulled revisions between two branches.
mkdir Create a new versioned directory.
mv Move or rename a file.
nick Print or set the branch nickname.
pack Compress the data within a repository.
plugins List the installed plugins.
pull Turn this branch into a mirror of another branch.
push Update a mirror of this branch.
reconcile Reconcile bzr metadata in a branch.
reconfigure Reconfigure the type of a bzr directory.
register-branch Register a branch with [launchpad]
remerge Redo a merge.
remove Remove files or directories.
remove-branch Remove a branch.
remove-tree Remove the working tree from a given branch/checkout.
renames Show list of renamed files.
resolve Mark a conflict as resolved.
revert Set files in the working tree back to the contents of a
previous revision.
revno Show current revision number.
root Show the tree root directory.
send Mail or create a merge-directive for submitting changes.
serve Run the bzr server.
shelve Temporarily set aside some changes from the current tree.
sign-my-commits Sign all commits by a given committer.
split Split a subdirectory of a tree into a separate tree.
status Display status summary.
switch Set the branch of a checkout and update.
tag Create, remove or modify a tag naming a revision.
tags List tags.
testament Show testament (signing-form) of a revision.
unbind Convert the current checkout into a regular branch.
uncommit Remove the last committed revision.
unshelve Restore shelved changes.
update Update a working tree to a new revision.
upgrade Upgrade a repository, branch or working tree to a newer
verify-signatures Verify all commit signatures.
version Show version of bzr.
version-info Show version information about this tree.
view Manage filtered views.
whoami Show or set bzr user id.
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1729 of 2353 results

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