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The first step is to install the <application>samba</application> package. From a terminal prompt, enter:
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That's all there is to it. <application>Samba</application> is ready to be configured for file sharing.
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The main <application>Samba</application> configuration file is located in <filename>/etc/samba/smb.conf</filename>. The default configuration file has a significant number of comments in order to document various configuration directives.
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Not all of the available options are included in the default configuration file. See the <filename>smb.conf</filename><application>man</application> page or the <ulink url=""><application>Samba</application> HOWTO Collection</ulink> for more details.
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This example uses <filename>/srv/samba/sharename</filename> because, according to the <emphasis>Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)</emphasis>, <ulink url=""> /srv</ulink> is where site-specific data should be served. Technically, <application>Samba</application> shares can be placed anywhere on the filesystem as long as the permissions are correct, but adhering to standards is recommended.
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Located in docs/sharing/C/sharing.xml:194(para)
<emphasis>browsable:</emphasis> enables <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> clients to browse the shared directory using <application>Windows Explorer</application>.
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Now that <application>Samba</application> is configured, the directory needs to be created and the permissions changed. From a terminal, enter:
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Located in docs/sharing/C/sharing.xml:203(para)
The <emphasis>-p</emphasis> switch tells <command>mkdir</command> to create the entire directory tree if it doesn't exist. Change the share name to fit the environment.
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Located in docs/sharing/C/sharing.xml:212(para)
From a <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark> client, it should now be possible to browse to the <phrase>Kubuntu</phrase> file server and see the shared directory. To check that everything is working, try creating a directory from <trademark class="registered">Windows</trademark>.
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There are two security levels available to the Common Internet Filesystem (<acronym>CIFS</acronym>) network protocol <emphasis>user-level</emphasis> and <emphasis>share-level</emphasis>. <application>Samba</application>'s <emphasis>security mode</emphasis> implementation allows more flexibility, providing four ways of implementing user-level security and one way to implement share-level:
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Located in docs/sharing/C/sharing.xml:327(para)
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