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Free region grabbing, KIPI plugins support, port to Windows
Apougnaedje del redjon, sopoirt des tchôkes-divins KIPI, poirtaedje viè Windows
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Lorint Hendschel,Pablo Saratxaga,Djan Cayron
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<qt>Using this menu, you can select from the five following snapshot modes: <p> <b>Full Screen</b> - captures the entire desktop.<br/> <b>Window Under Cursor</b> - captures only the window (or menu) that is under the mouse cursor when the snapshot is taken.<br/> <b>Region</b> - captures only the region of the desktop that you specify. When taking a new snapshot in this mode you will be able to select any area of the screen by clicking and dragging the mouse.<br/> <b>Section of Window</b> - captures only a section of the window. When taking a new snapshot in this mode you will be able to select any child window by moving the mouse over it.<br/> <b>Current Screen</b> - if you have multiple screens, this captures the screen containing the mouse cursor when the snapshot is taken. </p></qt>
<qt>Avou ç' menu chal, vos ploz tchoezi emey ces cénk sôres di waitroûlêyes: <p> <b>Waitroûle etire</b> - po fé ene waitroûlêye di tot vosse sicribanne en etir.<br/> <b>Finiesse pa dzo l' cursoe</b> - fwait ene waitroûlêye seulmint del finiesse (ou do menu) k' est pa dzo l' sori cwand li waitroûlêye est prijhe.<br/> <b>Redjon</b> - fwait ene waitroûlêye d' ene redjon di vosse sicribanne. Vos specifyîz li redjon tot clitchant eyet haetchant l' sori po fé on rectangue.<br/> <b>Seccion d' finiesse</b> - fwait ene waitroulêye seulmint d' ene seccion dins l' finiesse. Cwand vos fjhoz ene novele waitroulêye e ç' môde la, vos pôroz tchoezi tolminme kéne finiesse efant tot bodjant l' sori pa dzo lyi.<br/> <b>Waitroûle do moumint</b> si vs avoz sacwantès waitroûles, çouci egayole çou k' i gn a dins l' waitroûle k' a l' cursoe del sori cwand l' waitroulêye est prijhe. </p></qt>