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This box contains a list of patterns that can be used to identify files of the selected type. For example, the pattern *.txt is associated with the file type 'text/plain'; all files ending in '.txt' are recognized as plain text files.
Cisse boesse ci a ene djvêye di patrons ki plèt esse eployîs po-z idintifyî les sôres di ficthîs di tchozeyes. Metans, li modele *.txt est raloyî avou l' sôre di fitchî 'text/plain' ; tos les fitchîs finixhant pas '.txt' sont ricnoxhous come des fitchîs tecse.
Left Click Action in Konqueror
Accion avou l' clitch droet dins Konqueror
Here you can configure what the Konqueror file manager will do when you click on a file of this type. Konqueror can either display the file in an embedded viewer, or start up a separate application. If set to 'Use settings for G group', the file manager will behave according to the settings of the group G to which this type belongs; for instance, 'image' if the current file type is image/png. Dolphin always shows files in a separate viewer.
Vos ploz chal apontyî çou kel manaedjeu d' fitchî d' Konqueror ferè cwand vos clitchroz so-z on fitchî di cisse sôre. Konqueror pout soeye-t i håyner l' fitchî dins on ravalé håyneu, soeye-t i enonder on programe a pårt. Sel tchuze 'Eployî les tchuzes pol groupe G' est metowe, li manaedjeu des fitchîs ferè sorlon les tchuzes do groupe G ki cisse sôre fwait pårteye, metans 'imådje' sel sôre do fitchî do moumint est imådje/png. Dolphin mostere todi les fitchîs dins èn ôte håyneu.
Enter a part of a filename pattern, and only file types with a matching file pattern will appear in the list. Alternatively, enter a part of a file type name as it appears in the list.
Tapez ene pårteye do patroin eyet vos n' voeroz el djivêye ki les fitchîs corespondant å patron. Vos savoz taper ene pårteye do no del sôre di fitchîz eto, s' il aparexhe el djivêye.
Here you can see a hierarchical list of the file types which are known on your system. Click on the '+' sign to expand a category, or the '-' sign to collapse it. Select a file type (e.g. text/html for HTML files) to view/edit the information for that file type using the controls on the right.
Vos savoz vey cial li djivêye des sôres di fitchîs, sol cogne d' ene schåle, ki sont conoxhous e vosse sistinme. Clitchîz sol sene « + » po mostrer ttafwait d' ene categoreye oudonbén l' sene « - » pol catchî. Tchoezixhoz ene sôre di fitchî (metans text/html po des fitchîs HTML) po vey/candjî les informåcions so cisse sôre di fitchîs la tot vs siervant des controles a droete.
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